This is the time to configure Hadoop The environment of .

Can be used to nearly collapse , Because the general program development in windows lower , So use cygwin stay win Next imitation linux Environmental Science , Various problems , various bug, All kinds of tragedies .
Break through all kinds of obstacles , Finally used Hadoop0.20.202 Configuration successful .

Maybe it's a little breakthrough in life , There was no applause , But the joy is in my heart .

In the process , There are many times I want to give up .[ Because I have this machine linux virtual machine , Configured successfully ].
I hold on to the end , And the configuration is successful , There are a lot of problems , This is also a valuable experience .

stay win lower , I am here eclipse Developed a very simple word Count stay cygwin Run down for a while ,hadoop It's just that , Don't give me a good run .

Rush down hadoop This Baolei , Next is hbase.
hbase Use it again zookeeper, Although a few mistakes have been made , But there is hadoop Configuration experience , to configure hbase It's much easier , Soon , Brother's small group has been set up .

use hadoop Several have been developed case, so easy.

In fact, I also realized , In fact, sometimes life can be hopeless , Feeling broken .
The specific brother will not say , I'm sure you understand .

As long as you stick to it , The sun is just ahead , Nothing is born “ simple ” Of ,“ simple ” That's for people who can , People who don't know are good at everything “ difficulty ” Of , In the company “ play dumb ” Not bad , Study with an open mind .

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