On time management and efficient learning

1, Solid use of fragmented time , Even if it's only five minutes, make good use of it , Take a notebook with you to review your knowledge , Less friends and space , Waste time and energy . Listen to jokes when you wash your feet at night , Listen to the news ,

2, Take root in the field of information security , Usually know more about information security , Do more experiments to verify . Like the middle man attack position

3, Working hours improve work efficiency , Define this week ( This month ) Content and priority of work tasks

Arrange the workload of the day in the impression notes every morning , strip , Make clear the priority and task content , It's easy to go all out .

4, Personal time management , give to get , Don't bite off more than you can chew. , Choose what you are in charge of when you take over the job .

Cut off all the useless things and the things that consume time and energy , Set aside more time for high priority , Meaningful things .

5, Focus on what you do , Focus can be more specific and professional

When working or studying , close QQ, mailbox , Mobile phones and other entertainment tools , Avoid outside interference , In a period of time to calm down to better focus and energy to do things , The effect is very good .

6. People should know themselves well . Be sure to understand your abilities and potential , What can we do ? What can you do under pressure ?

I used to think I was hanging it , You can do anything , In fact that was not the case . Something to do , Do something wrong , In order to better do the current needs to do things .

Put more of your time and energy into what's worth doing .

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