It mainly involves 2 Functions :

cur_lsn = log_get_lsn(); oldest_lsn = buf_pool_get_oldest_modification(); age
= cur_lsn > oldest_lsn ? cur_lsn - oldest_lsn : 0; pct_for_dirty =
af_get_pct_for_dirty(); pct_for_lsn = af_get_pct_for_lsn(age); pct_total =
ut_max(pct_for_dirty, pct_for_lsn);
//avg_page_rate Equal to the last one srv_flushing_avg_loops The average number of dirty pages flushed to the disk in the loop
// It won't exceed the maximum srv_max_io_capacity value n_pages = (PCT_IO(pct_total) + avg_page_rate) / 2;
if (n_pages > srv_max_io_capacity) { n_pages = srv_max_io_capacity; } n_pages =
page_cleaner_do_flush_batch( n_pages, oldest_lsn + lsn_avg_rate * (age_factor +
1));af_get_pct_for_dirty: // Get dirty page percentage buf_get_total_list_len(&lru_len, &free_len,
&flush_list_len); ratio = (100 * flush_list_len) / (1 + lru_len + free_len); if
(dirty_pct > 0 &&

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