When some useful files were accidentally deleted by us , How do we get it back . Now I will teach you how to retrieve the deleted file .

1, In my D There is such a file under the disk

Now I delete it and empty the recycle bin , So what should I do if I want to retrieve this document ?

2, Download a software 360 Or Tencent housekeeper , Find the file recovery function , Here is the 360 For demonstration .

3, Open file recovery , Because the file you just deleted is D Files on disk , So choose D disc , Click to start scanning .

4, The deleted files will be scanned , Include previously deleted files , We check the file that has just been deleted , Click restore file , Then select the address to restore the file , Here we choose to restore to the desktop .

5, We can see that the deleted file appears on the desktop

Open the file , You can see it's exactly the same as before , No damage .

So we can retrieve the deleted files .

Why can I retrieve the deleted file ?

answer : Delete file ( Or format it ) It didn't really delete the file , Only the header file of the file data is marked , Indicates that the file storage location is empty , The contents of the actual file still exist on the disk , If these contents are not covered by later saved data, they will not disappear . such
After the file is deleted , Now that its data is still on disk , The file allocation table also has its information , This file has a chance to be restored , Just find the header , And before recovery 2 Codes , Remap it in the file allocation table , The file is restored . It's like a class president represented by the monitor , As long as you find the monitor, you can find all the students in this class , Get rid of the monitor , But there are still students in this class ; Just get the monitor back , You can still find all the students in this class .

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