one day , A leader I admire very much , My front CEO, Tell me seriously ,“ Technology driven XX!”

That moment , Many years of technology belief broke the ground , It seems to hear the sound of ideal being pressed on the ground .

This one CEO It's a sales background , I can't bear to see technology tearing with business all day long , In order to take the overall situation into consideration , I haven't expressed my opinion .


Until I was about to be CTO, When reporting to him .

On a cloudy day , A room without lights ,CEO He expressed his attitude very frankly , After a pleasant conversation , How sweet a smile two fools have .

From his point of view , Business on the front line , Definitely know users better than technology , When there is disagreement , You should listen to the business , Instead of arguing , meetings produce no decisions . What technology calls “ Understand business better than business ”, It's ridiculous , Since you know business better than business , Then go to business , What are you doing with technology ?

This one CEO It is from the perspective of the company's operation to look at this issue , He is not denying the value of technology , Why would he build his own technical team ? The technology has been outsourced for a long time , He raised a question worthy of our consideration : What is the positioning of technology in the company ? It's technology driven business , Or technology support business ?

One , What is technology driven business ?

Technology driven business , In short , It's just that the technology is so good that there are no friends , Several orders of magnitude beyond the market average , What products does technology make , What products do business people sell , And it doesn't worry about selling .

Looking at the domestic market , Is there such a company ? Forgive me for my ignorance , Not really .

BAT Is it a technology driven company ? There is a saying in the industry , Alibaba's operations , Tencent products , Baidu Technology . sound , Tencent and Baidu are technology driven ( The products and technologies here belong “ Big technology ” category ).

first , Compared with most of the domestic Internet companies , The technology of the two companies is excellent , But is there a cow that has no friends ? Not really .

Talk about Baidu , Baidu has core technology , No one can beat in search , Is that so? ? If Baidu ,Google The technology of the two companies is like a racing car , I'm afraid Baidu company Google I can't even see the taillights . According to the industry , Baidu in search technology , Follow Google At least different 5 year .


as for , How did Baidu beat in the search market Google Of ..... Own experience .

if , The founder and team are technology driven , I agree with that . But this company , It's not a technology driven company .

Two , It is not the discourse weight of technology , It's technology driven !

Discover a cognitive misunderstanding : Thought it was in the company , The discourse weight of Technology , It's technology driven .

old K My friend Andrew said : There are technology driven companies in China , Our company is , In our company , I act as CTO It has the right to decide products and technology , What I say works well , Business needs to be heard .

Don't take it for granted , The discourse weight of Technology , It's technology driven , Maybe it's just because CTO Strong , perhaps CTO Is the co-founder of the company , The business side just gives you face .

Don't forget the definition mentioned earlier , The so-called technology driven , It's just that the technology is so good that there are no friends , Several orders of magnitude beyond the market average , What products does technology make , What products are sold in business , And don't worry about selling .


Three , I'm sorry , There are no technology driven companies in the world

If a company , You want to be so good at technology that you don't have friends , What should it do ? It's simple , Get the best people in the world to work for him .

that , How to find the best person in the world ? That's easier , It's the best wage in the world .

Here comes the question , What about the cost ? The company wants to make money .

Two ways : Open Source , throttle . that is , Products make more money than other companies ; Reduce the wages of personnel other than technicians , So as to reduce operating costs .

If there is a technology driven company , What does it look like ? The wages of technicians are much higher than the market standard , market , administration , Finance , The salary of legal department is controlled .

Just think about it , Such a company is not going to work , As CEO There's no way to balance and manage . Unless all the technicians are CEO My son , Or is it a nonprofit .

“ Technology driven ” This thing is feelings , Feeling and not making money , It's not a business , The boss is a businessman , The essence of businessmen is to pursue profits .

Another reason why there are no technology driven companies in the world : A fully competitive market environment , It is difficult to form a real technology monopoly .

Is Coca Cola's Soda formula great ? No, Pepsi is still competing with him .

Is Apple's operating system awesome ? Android open source , Samsung , Huawei came out .

The contemporary market is a fully competitive market , It is difficult to form a real monopoly in technology , It is technical talents who master technology , People have feet , It will flow . And all countries have anti-monopoly laws , Microsoft's antitrust lawsuit , For years , In the end, I lost .

Factors of full market competition , Decided that it's hard to have a company that's technologically superior to having no friends , Several orders of magnitude of average level of leading industry . Technical leadership , It's just a matter of time , And the time difference is getting shorter and shorter .

Four , Beware of companies that claim to be technology driven

As I said before , One of the hallmarks of technology driven companies is , Recruitment of first-class technical personnel , And offer a first-class salary .


Many so-called “ Technology driven ” company , Or you can't afford a high salary , Draw a picture “ Technology driven ” The big pancake attracts you into the pit ; Or give you a high salary , And then let you 996.

Only children talk about it “ Technology driven ”, Adults can't afford to pay , Have you improved your ability .

Those clothes “ Technology driven ” The coat of , Squeeze your company , Be vigilant .

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