Method 1 :

1. Create a new one txt file .

2. stay txt It says the following ( Write a few lines and you can open a few , Here are two examples )

start C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Tencent\WeChat\WeChat.exe

start C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Tencent\WeChat\WeChat.exe

This address is the location of the wechat startup program in the computer , Fill in according to the actual situation ; in addition Program Files (x86) Be sure to use double quotation marks "".

    View wechat starter location :

Right click on the wechat icon , click 《 attribute 》

3. Save the document , Change the document suffix to .bat

The following prompt appears , Click Yes


4. Double click the .bat file , You can open multiple wechat ( To quit wechat first )

After opening, the wechat windows overlap , Drag it away with the mouse


Method 2 :

1.  Press and hold the keyboard at the same time :windows+R. Open the command line window .

2. input :cmd, Press enter , A window with a black background appears

3. Switch to wechat installation directory

such as :C:\Program Files (x86)\Tencent\WeChat\WeChat.exe

// Switch disks , Enter the disk name directly + English colon , Then go back


// Switch directory  

C:\Program Files (x86)\Tencent\WeChat\

// Start wechat ( Two )

start WeChat.exe&WeChat.exe 


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