night , When the lights are on , It's not just warmth , There is also a soothing security .

In developed big cities , It's getting dark , The light came on , It stands there, of course , Light up the way home all night . But for small town residents ,“ Midnight light ” Is the normal life —— In order to save electricity , Some cities will be in the middle of the night 12 Lights out all over the city , Simple and crude energy saving 50% The effect of . If you want to save energy , It makes the road black , It can only show that it does not meet people's needs .

One “ Understanding wisdom ” The streetlights not only need to be distributed according to different time , Adjust the brightness properly , for example , High brightness from the beginning , After nightfall , The brightness decreases gradually , Keep the light on the road at the same time , Save electricity , And it has also played a very good crime prevention effect .

This effect stems from “ Single lamp monitoring ” technology , In short , It allows managers to remotely control every lamp in a street , On state , Whether it is damaged or not , Can be seen one by one , Statistics .

An intelligent street lamp , It's not just about saving electricity

In many cities , Lighting rate not less than 98% It's a hard indicator , When it's dark, the lights are on , The street light management department is going to drive out , Go around the street to see which light is on , Which light is off , If any damage is found, send someone to repair it , Inefficient management .

therefore , Saving labor and power costs , Improving the management level of street lamp is the biggest function of intelligent street lamp . Light on demand , Energy saving on demand , For ordinary citizens , You don't feel the light dim , We're saving energy again , This is the most ideal state of intelligent streetlights .

But in fact
In reality , Except for the streetlights , There are also a large number of enterprises in the Internet of things project , How to connect the device to the Internet of things platform is at a loss . How to use the Internet of things “ Small ” Things connect , Let things feel like people , Meeting “ speak ”, Wisdom .

When doing an IOT project , At least three steps are needed from the technical level :

* Perceiving according to all things , Let things talk : take “ matter ” Connect to the Internet of things platform through the network
* Everything is interconnected , Ubiquitous connectivity : Digital modeling of real equipment on the Internet of things platform
* Intelligence of all things , Reshape the value of Internet of things : Building enterprise application based on IOT platform

Generally speaking , At the beginning of the project , The connection of things will be the focus , Because this is the foundation of all Internet of things projects . Because of the world's “ matter ” cover and contain everything , Manufacturer , communication protocol , Connectivity , Intelligence , Equipment functions and so on are different , Many enterprises do not have IOT projects or experience in IOT , How to connect these devices quickly , And real-time transmission of device data to the Internet of things application system , It's a crucial and difficult step .

Equipment access is an essential part of the Internet of things

Internet of things equipment access provides the basis for intelligent equipment access to nano management , It is also the first step to realize the Internet of things , crucial . Hua Weiyun IoT Device access service focuses on the access of various intelligent devices , It provides a good foundation for the access of equipment to nanotube , Basic functions mainly cover :

product management :
Product refers to the specific type of equipment , Different equipment types and models correspond to different products , Hua Weiyun IoT Device access is used to express a product through a physical model , Define the properties of the device in this way , Supported functions and corresponding communication methods , Communication model , Communication primitives, etc ;

device management :
Provide massive devices to connect to the cloud , Two way message communication between device and cloud , Batch equipment management , Remote control and monitoring ,OTA upgrade , Equipment linkage rules and other capabilities , Help Internet of things industry users quickly complete equipment networking and industry application integration ;

Equipment communication : Communication is the foundation of communication , In order for information to be accurately expressed and received , We need to establish the corresponding communication system , Equipment access service provides the ability to convey information and express meaning for the communication between objects .

Reliable device access architecture is a solid base for billions of connections

Hua Weiyun IoT The device access service that realizes hundreds of millions of connections is based on CloudNative Microservice architecture of , Business services are designed in stateless mode
, Elastic expansion , Service problems can be offline at any time , Be recreated at any time , Pull up again to provide business . The database generally adopts the cross AZ Main and standby , Cluster to provide services . The data bus also uses the AZ Multiple copies , And through the relevant reliability mechanism to ensure the reliability of the business . Huaweiyun: a multi billion level connection IoT The device access service architecture has the following characteristics :

Rapid construction based on open source solution : Keep technology open , It is safe and solid , Reliability enhancement , in the light of IoT Scene performance optimization , Pipeline construction scanning ensures that it always follows the latest stable version of the industry ;

Abstract capability interface , Decouple business from technology : Encapsulation of 100 level key capability interface , Ensure that the underlying technology can be switched at any time , Keep up with the latest technology , Ensure business continuity , Self maintenance of key technologies at the bottom ;

Unveiling the mystery of multi billion level connection architecture technology stack

1. Euler OS:
Huawei self developed operating system , be based on Linux, And on the basis of it, the deep safety reinforcement is carried out , system optimization , Operation and maintenance enhancement , Configuration adjustment and unnecessary function tailoring , An elaborate server operating system ,IoT Services are integrated on its basis IoT Second time optimization of business scenarios ;

2. Huawei JDK: Based on open source Open JDK development , Some other protocol friendly open source software is adopted , contrast Oracle JDK Complement function , ensure JAVA The continuous evolution of class projects ;

3. database : High reliability data service provided by Huawei public cloud , On the basis of open source , Added a lot of security , reliability , Maintainability capability ;

4. Message bus : Reliability provided by Huawei public cloud , High concurrency message service , On the basis of open source , Added a lot of security , reliability , Maintainability capability ;

5. ELB/APIG: Load balancing and API Gateway service , Provide unified security authentication , Ensure that the messages of the portal can be evenly distributed to multiple services in the back end .

Let's look at old fellow iron.

Unveil the mystery of the interconnection of billions of street lamps !

20 Time for sweeping monk , Unveil the intelligent mystery of the interconnection of hundreds of millions of streetlights !


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