“ In recent years, I have been engaged in agile transformation in my company , Try it on a small scale at the beginning , Now it has been fully introduced , More and more I find that my experience is not enough , The next step is always groping in the dark , There is the joy of hidden willows and bright flowers , But also always accompanied by the fear of walking on thin ice . therefore , Read a lot of agile books and articles , Participated in a lot of discussions .”

implementation Scrum Most people and organizations feel that way : From the adoption of this lightweight iterative process framework ( It's like the layout of go , Left a lot of blank space ) It's easy to get started practicing the art of agility , But with the development of the war situation , Especially into the middle plate , There will be a lot of doubts , Challenges and dilemmas , If there is a chess game with exquisite responsibility .”

    actually ,Scrum Transformation means a change . In the process of transformation , People's way of thinking and behavior must change accordingly .  It's not just about the transformation of technology , It means the innovation of ideas .

People have to learn to start working without big, comprehensive plans ;

People have to learn to do without detailed requirements documentation , Analyze and understand requirements through user stories and communication , Start designing and programming ;

People need to get used to frequent code delivery and continuous integration .

The era of a person working hard with headphones is over , What follows is working in a high-speed and transparent environment , Everyone knows what's going on . People need pair programming , Need frequent communication and discussion , And so on . From another point of view , Different people , Because they are different in their ability to adapt to change , Social status caused by change , The difference of rights change , There will be different reactions to change , So that they have different types of resistance to change . There are so many differences , So many different types of conflict , In addition, many enterprises are faced with legacy systems , Technical debt , That makes the transition so difficult .

            Willingness to change is an advantage , Even if it means that some part of the company will be in chaos for some time .

                                           —— jack · Welch

Why is it difficult to transform

Any change is difficult .Scrum The characteristics of transformation are as follows :

* Successful change is not completely top-down or bottom-up .
* The end state is unpredictable .
* Scrum It's everywhere .
* Scrum It's quite different .
* Change is coming faster than ever .
* Best practices are dangerous .
  Successful change is not completely top-down or bottom-up

  In the top-down change , A strong leader shares his vision for the future , The organization followed him to his goal . You can imagine , One is full of charm , Respected strong leadership , Like Steve · Steve Jobs , His reputation and style may point the company in a new direction , But that alone is not enough to win such a remarkable achievement . The best way to introduce change is from the bottom up , Colleagues need support from management at the right time , Including the grass-roots and higher level . An organization is trying to Scrum transformation , Without the support of the company's top management , They will encounter resistance that the grassroots cannot overcome .

same , There is no bottom-up guarantee , This transformation feels like an electric fan in an open-air Mexican restaurant , A hot wind of knowledge blows down from above . At this time , The individual will resist what is arranged for him . Bottom up participation is necessary , Because team members are the main body of the work , They know how to be Scrum Become more effective within the enterprise .

    Successful implementation Scrum The key is to combine top-down and bottom-up change related elements .

The end state is unpredictable

Scrum Transformational “ End state ” The formulation itself is wrong , Because this is a process without an end , Continuous improvement is needed . We can only try first , See if it can drive us closer to the improved state in the middle , If it works , Then we can go on and try .

Scrum It's everywhere

The far-reaching impact of agile on organizations will go far beyond the impact on software development departments . In implementation Scrum In the case of , Finance , Sales or other departments will be affected .

Scrum It's quite different

implementation Scrum It's a change that's going to take place in addition to everything that's going on in the development team , Many changes will also conflict with their past training content . Testers need to know that testing is also about meeting user needs . Programmers need to know that they don't have to be well thought out before they write code ( Sometimes it's not even desirable ).

Due to the transition to Scrum Ask people to work in ways they are not familiar with , Contrary to their training and experience , So if it's not a total resistance to change , People tend to be hesitant .

Change is coming faster than ever

As early as 1970 year ,Alvin Toffler Created a term —— future shock , It's when people face “ vary from minute to minute ” When you feel confused .
People's ability to change is limited , Therefore, the ability of enterprises to make changes is also limited —— People are required to make too many changes at the same time , They can't afford it , Destructive pressure and confusion from future shocks will follow . implementation Scrum Ubiquitous nature and fundamental changes in the way people work and interact , More likely to face the risk of triggering future shock effect .

Best practices are dangerous

Best practices will make us relax , And then stop the continuous improvement efforts , And that's exactly what it is Scrum Required in . Kenichi Ono, founder of Toyota production system concept , write to “ There are some things called standard work , But standards are changing . contrary , If you think these standard jobs are already the best for you , So it's all over .”
Ono went on :“ If we take something as the best possible way , So for lean 【 Continuous incremental improvement 】 And then the motivation for that disappears .” 



Excerpt from 《Scrum Agile software development 》.

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