7 month 13 Daily News , Jinshan office rose on the same day 11.22%( Rise and fall of science and Technology Innovation Board 20%), Closing price 434.86 element / thigh , The total market value reached 2004.7 RMB 100 million .

   Jinshan office in 2019 year 11 Listed on the science and technology innovation board in January , The issue price is 45.86 element , Now the market value is almost up 9 times . Lei Jun is the actual controller of Jinshan office , It holds Jinshan Group
15.31% Equity of , Qiu Bojun holds shares of 7.87%.

   Kingsoft office is after the Hong Kong listed companies Kingsoft and Xiaomi group , The third listed company controlled by Lei Jun , Lei Jun is also here A The first listed company .

   Jinshan Office , Lei Jun as founder , Actual controller , Core leader of the company . He led the company to build on technology , Adhere to innovation , So that the company continues to grow and grow, and successfully listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange science and technology innovation board .

   Kingsoft office is an office software and service provider , The company's products mainly include WPS Office Office software and Kingsoft Ciba, etc , Can be found in
Windows,Linux,MacOS,Android,iOS And other mainstream operating platforms .

   by 2019 year 12 month , Monthly active users of main products of Jinshan Office (MAU) exceed 4.11 Billion , among WPS Office The number of active users of desktop version exceeds 1.54
Billion ;WPS Office Monthly active users of mobile version exceed 2.48 Billion ; Other products of the company ( Such as Jinshan Ciba ) The number of monthly active users is close to 0.10 Billion .

   The day before Jinshan office officially landed on the science and Technology Innovation Board , Lei Jun issued a letter to all internal staff , The letter said : from 1988 Jinshan was founded in ,WPS It's been a long time 31 year . from 1999
Jinshan office as the main business entity to prepare for listing from today , We've been waiting 20 year .WPS The course of Jinshan , It's an inspirational story about sticking to your dream and winning in the end . Why can we insist ? because ,WPS
It's a hero's dream .

   Lei Jun also said ,“ Now? , each 5 At least one of them is Chinese 1 The individual is WPS Users of , And abroad , There have been more than 1 100 million people use it WPS
to work in an office , and , These numbers are growing , In this industry, which is known to be extremely difficult to compete , It's a great thing .”

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