CCE yes PDCCH Minimum resource unit of transmission , One PDCCH It can contain one or more CCE, from PDCCH The aggregation level of , See the table below for details :

Aggregation level Number of CCEs
1 1
2 2
4 4
8 8
16 16

The English name is Control-Resource Set, Indicated PDCCH Number of symbols occupied ,RB number . Contained in frequency domain RB number NRBCORESET
N_{RB}^{CORESET}NRBCORESET​ By high level parameter ControlResourceSet IE Medium
frequencyDomainResources instructions ; Number of symbols occupied in time domain NsymbCORESET∈{1,2,3}
N_{symb}^{CORESET}\in\{1,2,3\}NsymbCORESET​∈{1,2,3} From senior management ControlResourceSet IE Medium
duration instructions , Only in high level parameters dmrs-TypeA-Position be equal to 3 In the case of , To support NsymbCORESET=3

<> High level configuration
ControlResourceSet ::= SEQUENCE { controlResourceSetId ControlResourceSetId,
frequencyDomainResources BIT STRING (SIZE (45)),-- Resources occupied by frequency domain , each bit Corresponding to one 6RB Group of
duration INTEGER (1..maxCoReSetDuration),-- Number of symbols occupied in time domain cce-REG-MappingType CHOICE {
interleaved SEQUENCE { reg-BundleSize ENUMERATED {n2, n3, n6},REG The size of the bundle
interleaverSize ENUMERATED {n2, n3, n6},-- Parameters used when calculating mapping relationships R, see 38.211 shiftIndex
INTEGER(0..maxNrofPhysicalResourceBlocks-1) OPTIONAL -- Need S
-- Parameters used when calculating mapping relationships , If the high level does not define this parameter , Physical cells are used ID }, Dedicated to CCE-REG Parameters of intersecting mapping nonInterleaved NULL },
precoderGranularity ENUMERATED {sameAsREG-bundle,
allContiguousRBs},-- Granularity of precoding :REG Bundle or REG tci-StatesPDCCH-ToAddList SEQUENCE(SIZE
(1..maxNrofTCI-StatesPDCCH)) OF TCI-StateId OPTIONAL,-- Cond NotSIB1-initialBWP
tci-StatesPDCCH-ToReleaseList SEQUENCE(SIZE (1..maxNrofTCI-StatesPDCCH)) OF
TCI-StateId OPTIONAL, -- Cond NotSIB1-initialBWP tci-PresentInDCI ENUMERATED
{enabled} OPTIONAL, -- Need S pdcch-DMRS-ScramblingID INTEGER (0..65535)
OPTIONAL, -- Need S PDCCH Of DMRS Scrambling code of ID, see 38.211 ... }
<>CORESET in CCE And REG Mapping of

One CCE from 6 individual REG, that is 6 individual RB form . stay CORESET in REG Number in ascending order in time domain first , That is to say, the lowest number RB, Of the first symbol REG No 0.

In a CORESET in ,CCE-REG The mapping method is divided into intersection and interpolation , Two kinds of non intersecting , By high level parameter cce-REG-MappingType To specify .

CCE-REG A concept is also involved in the mapping of :REG beam , One REG The bundle is made up of {iL,iL+1,...iL+L−1}\{iL,iL+1,...iL+L-1\}{iL,i
L+1,...iL+L−1} form , among L yes REG The size of the bundle , By high level parameter reg-BundleSize
appoint , In non intersecting mapping ,L Fixed to 6;i that is REG Bundle number , Value from 0 Increase to NREGCORESET/L−1N_{REG}^{CORESET}/L-1NREGCORE
SET​/L−1. seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function ,NREGCORESETN_{REG}^{CORESET}NREGCORESET​ Refers to a CORESET Medium REG number , So it's very clear ,N

final CCE-REG Mapping of , According to REG It's a bundle ,CCE j Contains REG beam {f(6j/L),f(6j/L+1),...f(6j/L+6/L−1)}

The protocol uses different definitions of functions , To achieve cross insertion respectively , Non intersecting mapping :

Let's take two examples , Let's have a visual look CCE reach REG Mapping process of :


generate DMRS Scrambling code used in sequence IDNIDN_{ID}NID​ From high level configuration pdcch-DMRS-ScramblingID.

DMRS The sequence is mapped to the RE Resources :

It can be seen that , each RB There are 3 individual DMRS RE, They are located in 4k′+14k^{'}+14k′+1 Location of , Namely 1,5,9 Signal subcarrier .

lll Within a time slot OFDM Symbol .

Antenna port p Fixed to 2000.

<>DCI Format

PDCCH Carrying DCI The role of :

dispatch PUSCH

dispatch PDSCH

instructions SFI(Slot Format Indicator)

instructions PI(Pre-emption Indicator)

Power control command

concrete DCI The format and information carried are shown in the table below :

format effect primary coverage
0_0 instructions PUSCH dispatch ;fallback DCI; In waveform transformation , State switching and other scenarios Scheduling resource location , Frequency hopping indication ,MCS,HARQ instructions ,TPC etc.
0_1 instructions PUSCH dispatch
Carrier indication ,BWP instructions , Scheduling resource location , Frequency hopping indication ,MCS,HARQ instructions ,TPC,SRS Resource indication , Precoding information , Antenna port ,SRS request ,CSI request
1_0 instructions PDSCH dispatch ;fallback DCI; In public message scheduling , Used for state switching
Scheduling resource location ,MCS,HARQ instructions ,TPC,PUCCH Resource indication , Random access preamble
1_1 instructions PDSCH dispatch Carrier indication ,BWP instructions , Scheduling resource location ,MCS,HARQ instructions ,TPC,CSI-RS trigger ,PUCCH Resource indication , Precoding information , Antenna port
2_0 instructions SFI SFI information , from SFI-RNTI Scrambling
2_1 instructions UE Data free PRB and OFDM Symbol PI information , from INT-RNTI Scrambling
2_2 instructions PUSCH and PUCCH Of TPC TPC, from TPC-PUSCH-RNTI or TPC-PUCCH-RNTI Scrambling
2_3 SRS Of TPC TPC, from TPC-SRS-RNTI Scrambling

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