1, Get table :
select table_name from user_tables; // Tables owned by the current user select table_name from
all_tables; // Tables for all users select table_name from dba_tables; // Include system table select
table_name from dba_tables where owner=' user name ' ALL_OBJECTS describes all objects
accessible to the current user. Describes all objects that the current user has access to DBA_OBJECTS describes all
objects in the database. Describes all objects in the database USER_OBJECTS describes all objects owned
by the current user. Describes all objects owned by the current user
* dba_tables:ower,table_name,tablespace_name,last_analyzed etc.
* all_tables:ower,table_name,tablespace_name,last_analyzed etc.
* all_objects:
ower,object_name,subobject_name,object_id,created,last_ddl_time,timestamp,status etc.
2, Get table fields :
select * from user_tab_columns where Table_Name=' User table '; select * from
all_tab_columns where Table_Name=' User table '; select * from dba_tab_columns where
Table_Name=' User table ';
3, Get table comments :
user_tab_comments; Table notes select * from user_tab_comments
There is a corresponding dba_tab_comments,all_tab_comments, These two ratios user_tab_comments More ower column .

4, Get field comment :
select * from user_col_comments
There is a corresponding dba_col_comments,all_col_comments, These two ratios user_col_comments More ower column .

user_col_comments; Table field comment ( Column comment )
USER_COL_COMMENTS The view displays the comments that have been entered for the columns in the table . These comments are passed through the comment Command is added to the database .USER_COL_COMMENTS
Include views 3 column :

* Table_Name Table or view name
* Column_Name Listing
* Comments Comments already entered for this column

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