<> summary

Recently, I did one for the company's Internet department 【 Project promotion 】 Share , The effect is good , Re sort out the key contents , Share with you .

<> Project phase

* Project start-up phase
* Project planning stage
* Project implementation phase
* Project monitoring stage
* Project closing stage
<> Project start-up phase

<> Project kick off meeting

* objective : Why , What is the background and intention , What's the value ;
* Project sponsor's expectations : quality / Range / time , How to sort in extreme cases
* Milestone plan : pmo Focus on milestone planning
Full synchronization , Clear objectives , Reduce the cost of follow-up communication .

<> resources / Stakeholder

* Designated project / Technical director : Effective ways to obtain public authorization ( Temporary leader )
* Uncooperative : Inconsistent understanding of goals , Everyone is right ( Cactus ), Move someone else's cheese ;
<> project plan

<> A good plan is the beginning of success

Because we all act according to the plan .

<> The plan is for collective focus

A crowd of people 【 plan 】 communicate

<> Five elements of the plan

<> Stick the milestone plan on the wall

Visualization .

<> After the planning meeting , Find key stakeholders

Align targets and resources again .

<> project implementation

<> Daily goal

<> Testing / Product manager intervention

<>BUG Nissin

<> work overtime

<> Project monitoring

<> Emergency

<> Project weekly report

Weekly , List overview , Schedule, risk and treatment measures .

<> Data reporting

for example : Burn out chart and release countdown .

<> project conclusion

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