In the current big data , Driven by cloud computing technology innovation , The platform with the advantage of massive resources is easier to occupy an important position in the fierce market competition . Especially under the rapid development of the new economic model , It will further promote the upgrading of the third-party payment platform , Help them to achieve full coverage of resources in diversified consumption scenarios . As a leading third-party payment platform in China , Lakala payment actively explores new payment channels , Comprehensively boost the development of new economy , Constantly touch various consumption scenarios , Create a good external environment for the application space and depth of acceptance end products . current , The scale of emerging payment mode transactions continued to grow , Lakala payment continues to upgrade the advantages of massive resources , Continuously deriving new value-added services .

   With the increase of consumption choice of mass consumer groups and the deepening of business reform , Mobile payment is playing an important role in diversified business scenarios , The most typical is travel , medical care , Restaurant , shopping , Tourism, etc . As a result of this , The increase of consumption scenarios supports the rapid growth of transaction scale in mobile payment market . According to the current market development trend , Lakala payment accurately captures the demand of rigid demand at every juncture of development , After years of innovation and development , The innovation that fully meets the needs of users makes lakala a success , The product category of lakala acceptance end has fully covered catering , retail , Travel? , Insurance and other sub collection scenarios .

   nowadays , Third party payment is still changing rapidly , It has become a highland for innovation of consumption scene layout , Leading the rapid evolution of a number of new economic industries . The rapid development and reform of third party payment , All kinds of transactions are electronic and digital , All kinds of social consumption activities become more convenient and efficient , Promote e-commerce ,O2O, Explosive growth in new retail and other industries . When the scale of third-party payment business increases rapidly , The analysis and processing of massive data and fine and fast function iteration become the basic technical requirements for new payment , At the same time, it also poses greater challenges to risk control .

   So far , Lakala payment, as a third-party payment company, is the first enterprise in terms of the number of transactions accepted by terminal scanning code and the quantity of intelligent payment terminal , With its continuous technological innovation ability and strong risk control ability , Always maintain the leading position in the industry . meanwhile , Lakala pay is committed to business B Many years in the end-to-end acquiring market , With the expansion of business scale and the increasing demand for data storage , It has obvious advantages in the coverage of consumption scenarios , Perfect smooth expansion of service group , Efficiently realize the business requirements of 10 billion level transaction flow .

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