My operating system is :Ubuntu 18.04

what is needed

uboot Source package :uboot_tiny4412-20130729.tgz

Tiny4412 Development board and serial port line ,micusb Line ,sd card


decompression uboot Source package
tar zxvf uboot_tiny4412-20130729.tgz
get into uboot catalog
cd uboot_tiny4412/
Default configuration tiny4412
make tiny4412_config
compile uboot
make -j4
PS: If not installed lib32z1, There may be a mistake

get into sd_fuse/ catalog ,make once

Re entry tiny4412/ catalog

Then the SD Card inserted into computer , Enter the command fdisk -l If you can see it SD Card information , express SD Card recognition successful .PS:SD Cards are best used 8G perhaps 16G, If the capacity is too large, it will prompt an error

Execute at this time script , take uboot Burn to write SD Cary
sudo ./ /dev/sdb
take SD Card insertion Tiny4412 Development board , Set startup mode from SD Card start ( Toggle the switch like a copper pillar ), Boot through the serial port output information to see whether the startup is successful .



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