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2020 It is a year to witness all kinds of historical moments . In the past two days, the ground stall economy is booming and the circle of friends is booming !

Many peddlers in Ruichang City, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province received calls from urban management team members , Ask them to set up a stall in the designated place . To deal with the employment crisis under the impact of the new crown epidemic , Except Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province , Many cities in our country have relaxed the right to “ street-stall economy  ” Control of . According to Baidu search big data , near
7 day “ Stall setting skills ” Related content search fever soared year on year 665%, achieve 10 Year high ,“ street-stall economy  “ Is showing a hot development trend .

among “ Stall setting skills ”“ What kind of stall is suitable for young people ”“ Is it really better to set up a stall than to work ” Hot topics such as , Many netizens have said , My bench is ready , What kind of business should we do ?

IT Big guy also set up a stall , According to microblog users @IT Internet maniac :1994 year , Ma Yun establishes Haibo translation agency , In order to maintain operation , Ma Yun wholesale flowers in Yiwu , Day work , Set up a stall in the evening .40 At the age of , Liu Chuanzhi to make money , Sell electronic watch with employees , Refrigerator . Zong Qinghou, who started his business, also set up a stall , Peddling popsicles and stationery .

I believe that many programmers can not help their own keyboard , We're going to set up a stall ! The following small make up for everyone under the inventory of what “ Booth ” It's suitable for programmers ?( Let's have a laugh , any similarity , Just …… Try it ?)

1, Pot stall

Programmer as 20 Rich and experienced swordsman , You can judge each one by looking, hearing, questioning and feeling “ pot ” Does the fried food smell good , therefore : Back the pot , programmer .

In addition, programmers can set up a stand for interviews “ Digger ”, The programmer's daily job is to fill and dig , Very skilled , Just digging a hole , No problem .Slogan It's all set for you :
Only you can't do it Bug, There's no hole I can't dig !

2, Installation system , Dust removal , Adjusting parameters , Support various models

Whether it's male or female , Installation system , Repair computer , Dust removal :

in addition , Algorithm engineers can also adjust parameters , Any type of model can be supported ! No matter what position , There is always a stall for you :

3, Selling mechanical keyboards , Bracket ,U Type pillow , Cushion

so-called “ Programmer's love for mechanical keyboard , It's like a girl's love for lipstick , They are all engraved in the gene from the factory , No one can change it .”

Whether it's German cherries Cherry, Steelseries SteelSeries, Or the American thunder snake Razer, Japanese Filco, I am ( buy ) know ( No ) Avenue ( rise ).

But it doesn't matter , According to what we've been doing over the years ( rotten ) Keyboard , Which keyboard can I sell to customers ( No ) Easy to use , And sell computer stands together ,U Type pillow , Cushion, etc ( health preservation ) What about the surrounding area , Small profits and quick turnover .

Some friends said I could still set up a wig stand ,“ A hundred Li is like one ” The plaid shirt stand , Of course, we can also set up internal promotion stalls : Ali , tencent , Baidu , Today's headline opportunities , Don't miss it. Hello ~

@ programmer , Here comes the chance , What kind of stand do you want to set up ?

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