I've been busy taking the postgraduate entrance examination in recent months , Adjustment , Then there was the job search , I didn't have much time to write my own blog , Maybe it's the mood, maybe it's lazy . In short, the mood is like a roller coaster , Ups and downs . fortunately , The work is confirmed , Take advantage of these days to rush the paper time to write this period of time “ pit ”( Face covering embarrassment ), It's also a wake-up call for the future , Push yourself .

honestly , College freshmen don't know how to use hyphenation , Also did not want to take an entrance examination of oneself , In the spirit of graduation can find a good job , It's a long one-man drop , Self study course of climbing pit ( A vegetable chicken , facepalm ). Most of the students are in freshmen , Sophomore began to prepare for postgraduate entrance examination , When I'm a junior , All the students in the class have entered the research road . And me , I chose to go out to practice , After all, people are poor and ambition is short ( wry smile ), After working for a few months, I suddenly found that I did what I had learned before , More business logic , There is no denying that business has improved a lot , But the improvement of technology still depends on self-study . It's April , Suddenly sprouted the idea of postgraduate entrance examination , On the one hand, I want to turn to the direction of data mining , Enhance their core competitiveness ; On the other hand, there is no lack of their own dream of famous schools . Sui , In July, after the completion of the training required by the school, he left and began to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination , The target is one in Beijing 211, Then there was the preparation day after day , Although tired , But I feel very full , Also made some good research friends . After the exam , Keep working ( wry smile ). When the results come out , The heart is half cold , The computer exploded completely . What shall I do? , Try to find a change , Also find a school in Beijing to accept , But for some reason gave up , But I am very grateful to the teachers who helped me during this period , classmate . There's another one , It's from my hometown , After contacting the teacher , Let's prepare for the second interview , Never thought of becoming a spare tire , The day before the transfer was told it could not be confirmed , find 2 More than one hundred and ninety transfers have been filed , Can only ha ha . Those days should be regarded as the most difficult days , What shall I do? , It's too late to find school again , This has meant that this year's postgraduate entrance examination is a complete failure , alas .

Reality is reality , Adjust it , Looking for a job ( wry smile ), It seems that the market is not very good this year , In fact, there are not many of them , Before, after and after a few , Maybe there was something wrong with my condition at that time , Good conversation ahead , I didn't contact you later . Look for it again , fortunately , I found this one , All aspects of the treatment were good , Then work first , graduate student , I will still read it if I have a chance in the future .( Struggling face )

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