Reading guide :1 month 15 day , first OCP China technology seminar held in Shenzhen , This meeting was held by Tencent Yunhe OCP International community cooperation . At the conference , Cai Kewen, expert engineer of Tencent
stay OCP At the technical seminar, the 《 Tencent cloud T-Flex 2.0 Server framework 》 Speech , The following is the full text of the speech .
Cai Kewen , Responsible for Tencent server architecture design and planning , Combining business requirements and components / system / The technology development of data center and so on , Conduct trend research and product planning .

The development cycle of server is very long , The system development of common rack server often needs 1 More than years , In order to reach the level of mass production delivery . It is inevitable that new components will be imported later , Even the iteration of main function modules ,
for example : Mainboard upgrade , High density microserver module , Full length board , high-density SSD Module, etc . Change based on space and energy consumption , May lead to changes and refactoring of the server principal design ,
Affect the introduction time of server . How to plan space effectively , Support future modular iterations and flexible combinations , Exactly T-Flex 2.0 Server framework should focus on the solution .

Let's look back T-Flex1.0 Server system , Using Tencent operation specifications ,2U19 Inch rack server ,80cm The depth can meet the deployment requirements of Tencent computer room .6 individual 6056 Fan size , Effective support in 35 Degrees centigrade and 3000 Meters above sea level , Multiple configured 5+1 Thermal redundancy . It can be supported structurally 32 individual RSSD perhaps 24 individual U.2
NVMe SSD, At the same time, it can support 4 Zhang quangao full length double width card and 2 Zhang Low Profile Card insertion .

T-Flex1.0 The server system is designed to PCIe Exchange as the core , Elastic configuration expansion or upgrade of storage and incremental servers .2 block Mcirosemi 8536/8546
PCIe The chip provides 192 PCIe
Gen3 Channel capability , Flexible right SSD/GPU/ network card / Microserver and other modules are used for configuration management and combination . Through the PCIe interconnection , Have the ability of decoupling and reconfiguration of hardware resources .

T-Flex1.0 Focus on the combination of capabilities between several servers , and T-Flex2.0 Focus on the aggregation and iteration of its own functions .T-Flex2.0 It is divided into 3 Functional areas :A/B/C. Each area can be based on its own available space , Place different function modules to complete A+B+C, Realize the main function of the server . for instance ,B Area can accommodate a main stream 2 Main board , Or a piece of customization 4 Main board ,A You can place a RSSD module ,C The area can be expanded 4 The sum of double width inserting card of Zhang quangao's whole length 2 Zhang Low
Profile Insert card , A hardware system with both strong computing and high-performance storage is in place .

stay 2U space , provide 24 block 3.5“ System configuration of hard disk , yes T-Flex2.0 The first concrete implementation provided by the framework .A/B Regional support 12 block 3.5“ Hot maintainable hard disk ,C Areas can be provided separately 2 road /1 Road motherboard also has SAS/SATA Expansion board options , support JBOD(Just
Bunch Of Disk) function .

Here is the picture below 2U24HDD Internal structure layout of , Fully embodies A/B/C Of 3 Characteristics of regional assemblage .1 road IntelXeon-D Main board computing power , Meet the needs of cold storage business .2 road IntelCLX a main board , combination 4 block NVMe
SSD, It can meet the needs of data computing and hybrid storage . These configurations are in line with several typical cloud computing business IaaS Scene , It's broken, too 2U12HDD This self 2007 The mainstream form since , Can effectively reduce TCO.

Relative to tradition 2 Access to main board 50cm The depth of ,2U24HDD Of 2 road Intel CLX The depth of mainboard is controlled in 29.5cm,
So that you can put it in T-Flex2.0 Systematic C District space .165W TDP Processor specifications for , signify 20 High main frequency computing power of hard cores .12 The root memory channel can satisfy the 384GB (32GB x
12) Capacity configuration of , Covering most business requirements .

be based on T-Flex2.0 Server framework , Functional modules can achieve high reuse and flexible combination . Module update and iteration of small particles , Also conducive to system integration and timely delivery .T-Flex
2.0 More than the present 89cm The form of system depth , There are also short case forms , By reusing modules and design , To meet the needs of future edge computing scenarios . Hardware system DevOps, Exactly T-Flex2.0 Design main line of .

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