1. I wake up in the morning , I found that the database on my server was hacked

The people who hacked my database asked me for money ,0.035 Bitcoin

I can qtmd,69 One year's student computer .... It's just a pity that the experimental data of my project


2. There is no way to restore the data without backup , You can only change the database password

2.1 Make a note of the changes docker In the container MySQL Password steps

get into docker container
docker exec -it ***** /bin/bash
get into mysql
mysql -u root -p
Then enter the password according to the prompt

Change Password
user mysql; update mysql.user set authentication_string=password('*******')
where user='root'; flush privileges;
sign out

sign out mysql exit

sign out docker ctrl+pq

restart docker container
docker ps docker restart ******

2.2 At this time, the password should be changed successfully , Just reconnecting

Changing the password is actually changing it mysql Fields in the table , stay MySQL5.7 After that, the password field becomes authentication_string

So change the password It's modification authentication_string

Remember to restart after modification docker container


3. The lesson of blood and tears

The database password is too simple to be hacked , Both of my server databases have been attacked

Never use it 123456 This code

And then there is , Remember to back up the database ...... Timely backup .....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change the password , My project has to be redeployed QAQ.... Gan

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