Three years of reading life will come to an end in this season , But my life is just a comma , I will face the beginning of another journey . Three years of studying far away from home told me :“ I can live a good life .
” But the good conditions of life come from the fact that I have a famous teacher , I have friends to help me , I have parents' care . I can't forget the people who helped me , I would like to thank my alma mater Langfang Normal University  , It gives me a platform to show myself . I developed confidence here , Brave and strong ……

  Yesterday, I attended the campus recruitment fair of Langfang Normal University , Hundreds of enterprises , Countless jobs . But I still see the confusion and bewilderment in the eyes of most graduates . I appreciate those students who are willing to come forward and talk with enterprises , At first glance, you are prepared , I know that these people will develop well in the future , Because they know what they want to do ? What can be done ? And work hard for it . What about the other people ? They look at these enterprises and sigh again :“ There is no suitable job , That job was too tiring , This is too professional , Only the students of XX college can do this , I can't do it .” Let me say
It's not that you can't do it , I don't know what to do , This is the result of four years of no planning .

        Seeing this, I think those students who have not graduated should know the truth of boiling frogs in boiling water
, I want you to know how frogs die , It's not burnt to death , It was cooked to death in a subtle way . A good environment will shape a person , But it's going to bury a man , No matter what kind of environment , I want you to be alert , Have a minimum sense of hardship . What about others , That's their business , What about being independent , I don't want you to be drowned or boiled to death by a pool of stagnant water . This is the reality , No pleasure for you , I don't want you to be comfortable .

      If you don't have a goal or plan in three years, you will send it one day “ Can't do it , Don't want to do it ” The sigh of .
Don't feel lost just because you are a junior college student , Don't feel superior just because you are an undergraduate . You know, don't work hard , Everything is nothing.
…… Everyone has everyone's strengths , We can't be too short-sighted . I was once depressed because I was a junior college student , But it's funny looking back . Just like we look , Established facts , Only gladly to accept . However, if you feel that you can't accept this fact, you can do it , Eliminate the shortcomings . Education can also be changed , As long as you want to change , As long as you dream .

        Three years of College — time passes quickly like a white pony 's shadow across a crevice
, I hesitated because of my education background ; I am glad that I have obtained any honor I want through my hard study, including the things I once hesitated about ; I'm confident because I've been on the stage playing against all the players ; I've done it because I want to know if I can do what I don't think I can do ; I was lucky because I met a good guide, a good monitor and a group of good roommates , But the most fortunate is to meet my good tutor good class . Here I thank my teachers and classmates ……

        Look at the new journey of improving class — Pain and happiness
, Once I wanted to be a civil servant, I had a plan , Because a teacher let me give up my ideal , Let my life have a new turn . I never thought I would give up my goal , But I finally made a choice , Although my family has already arranged for me to work on the railway , But compared with Mr. Mi's new education , Those are temporary successes that address the symptoms rather than the root causes . I didn't find out until I graduated from university , I am an empty shell . Except for a mouth , A dozen honorary certificates , I have nothing but some basic theoretical expertise . My mind is always just in Do……loop and for……each I never wanted to jump out of the loop , And this time I'm going to jump out of the loop , restart . Many people say that programming is difficult , Girls are not suitable for programming , Liberal arts students have pressure to program , I admit it is . But there is no denying that these are just excuses for us not to make progress , A lot of times we think we can't do it before we try , I'm stupid , We will never succeed . The study of improving class makes me feel confident a lot , It's a lot fuller , The ability to solve problems has increased a lot …… in short , I have gained a lot , Although the learning process is difficult , But when I saw my work, I was very happy , At this stage, I just want to learn the most basic things . Don't fall behind ……

        Show the sunny days in the future society — If the heart is in, the dream is
, My plan for the future is to upgrade my education , Examination of in-service graduate students , software engineer , Management Certificate . The second is to be a high-quality technical personnel , Make learning useful . A higher level is to be the management , Then choose to start a business , Because entrepreneurship is my ultimate ideal . Of course, the most important thing is to hope to do education with teachers , Because I know that I choose to stay, and more importantly, I like this new way of education , I also want to see the change of Chinese education , Because the premise of economic power is education power .

The above is my most sincere speech as I am about to graduate ,“ A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ” This is the reason , But it's up to you to do it or not . Ideals and dreams are not achieved overnight , most important of all —— do .

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