The abolition of Alipay payment , The official team of the United States has just responded .

  7 month 29 day , Media reports said , Some users found that when using meituan payment , Meituan monthly payment and bank card payment occupy the priority position , No longer shows Alipay paid. , And wechat payment and ApplePay
It's still on the payment list .

   it is reported , This is not the first time the US group has cancelled Alipay's payment. ,2016 year ,2018 In, there were two users who failed to use the payment of the US meal .

   this afternoon , Meituan monthly payment official micro response said ,“ In fact, the main body of this article is hungry app And wechat payment is also suitable ”, The new intern finished 36 Krypton Report , I murmured .

   It's interesting , Meituan also posted a screenshot of the payment page , There are only two payment methods : Huabei , Alipay .

   Meituan monthly payment is a credit payment product of meituan financial services . Users with monthly payment of meituan in meituan Department App
Consumption time , Whether it's group food , order takeout , Stay at the hotel , Travel or bike , take a taxi , Buying vegetables , You can use the credit limit granted by meituan monthly payment to complete the payment , By next month 8 No. for unified repayment , Maximum interest free period 38 day .

   According to the official data of meituan , Meituan monthly payment as a consumer financial tool , The driving effect on local living consumption is obvious : After the monthly payment of meituan is opened , Restaurant , Leisure and entertainment and other local life consumption orders increased by more than
20%, Average increase of transaction amount 15%.

  7 month 10 day , Released by Hurun Research Institute 《2020 Hurun China 10 Strong e-commerce 》 display , Meituan reviews ranked second , Second only to Alibaba .

   at present , The market value of meituan has exceeded 1.13 Trillion Hong Kong dollars , Second only to Ali , Tencent's third largest Internet company . Meituan comments 2019 According to the annual financial report , Tencent accounts for about the total shares of meituan reviews 18%.

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