7 month 14 day , International authoritative research institutions IDC( International Data Corporation ) publish 《 China AI Semi annual research report on cloud service market ,2019H2》, Ali voice AI Outstanding performance ,2019 Years later 44% Market share in the first place , Significantly ahead of other domestic cloud service providers .

IDC The report investigates the cloud of major cloud manufacturers in China AI service , Ali AI Access to three areas 6 Dimension 1 . The number of products in the field of intelligent voice , market share (44%),API The three dimensions of call volume get the first , Conversational style AI Market share of the sector (57%),API The two dimensions of call quantity get the first , Market share in machine learning (29%) Dimension first .

Ali voice AI Supported by the phonetic laboratory of Alibaba Dharma Academy , Export through Alibaba cloud . The research results of Dharma institute can “ Zero time difference on cloud ”, Low cost for users , Efficient access to voice technology and services .2017 Alibaba cloud launched its voice self-learning platform in , Help users customize voice AI, At present, customers and ecological partners have developed independently 3 More than 10000 models .

Alibaba cloud currently has 5 More than 10000 voice customers , Including mobile , CCTV , China Merchants Bank , Byte bounce , Small I robot , Tmall elves, etc .“ Alibaba cloud has achieved great success in the commercialization of intelligent voice technology , Revenue ahead of other public cloud vendors ,”IDC Comments on the report ,“ Alibaba cloud's way to success : A large number of them have been assembled ISV And channel partners .”

Yan Zhijie, head of the phonetic laboratory of Dharma academy, said , The emergence of the cloud has transformed voice technology from a high-end tool mastered by a few people into a civilian technology available to all ,“ On the cloud AI” It's implementation AI The best way of inclusive .IDC forecast 2018 Year to year 2024 China AI The compound growth rate of cloud service market will be as high as 93.6%,AI Unlimited market potential of public cloud services .

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