Today is my first blog , It's near the end of the near future , So the final exam basically completely disrupted my study plan , And people are starting to get fickle , You can't get up as early in the morning as you did in the previous month or two , Every day seems to be disturbed by a lot of ideas , The thing that I think about more is , How can I improve my programming skills , What kind of knowledge should I learn , How can I really do a project myself with what I've learned , So I keep looking for answers from various articles or blogs , It seems to have been found , It also seems to make me more confused , The various suggestions or methods on the Internet are only one aspect , So I was more confused after watching it , Today I'll make a short-term plan for myself , Learn according to this plan .

It's going to be a holiday soon , And I feel that these two months of vacation are too important for me , Too much time was wasted in my freshman year , Always in a state of confusion , Professional courses are almost the same as never learned , Although only recently through self-study to understand c language , I also feel that I have the ability to self-study data structure , But it's not enough , In the last two weeks of course design , I see a gap between myself and other people who have strong programming skills , in total 14 Questions , It's just made 4 Avenue , I was full of confidence that I had studied the data structure for a period of time , The data structure is fairly good , But in front of the results, I knew that I had been beaten in a mess , So this summer vacation I must make good use of my time to keep learning , Precious time must not be wasted any more , We should stick to it !

     Plans for this summer vacation :

One , study c++, This is the focus of my whole holiday , learning method , According to the code in the book , Study carefully , And use vc++ Knock it again , Review every chapter of knowledge , Using a pen during the review    

                                        Take notes with a pen .

                                Two , Learning data structure , Try to solve one or two algorithms every day , At the end of the holiday, the algorithm of the whole book can be solved .

                                 Three , learn English , Recite English words every morning , Buy CET-4 English word back first , If you finish reciting, buy CET-6 English words , This has to be done every day .

Four , This can be used as my hobby to learn ,unity3D and web, Study easy on vacation web, I don't care unity3d, The same learning .

                                Five , Write a study plan every day , Learn on a time schedule .

I planned to write my sophomore study plan together , Now you want to come or forget it , Try to realize my summer plan first , I'll write this sophomore plan after I realize it , All the time from today to the end of the term is devoted to the final review , Don't worry about what to learn , Try not to fail at the end of the term .

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