Serverless is like teenage sex: Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows
how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims
they are doing it.


Every new technology , It's all like this . At the beginning, everyone was talking about it , I don't know how to land , The most bizarre thing is that everyone is doing it on their own .


2019 year 2 month ,UC The University of Berkeley published an article entitled 《Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on
Serverless Computing》 The paper of , The paper also has a very clear image of the metaphor , It is described as follows :

In the context of the cloud ,Serverful It's like programming in low-level assembly language , and Serverless It's like using Python Such a high-level language for programming . For example
c = a + b Such a simple expression , If you use assembly description , You have to select a few registers first , Load value into register , Make mathematical calculations , Re store results . It's like today's cloud environment
Serverful Calculation of , Development first needs to allocate or find available resources , Then load the code and data , Perform the calculation again , Store the calculated results , Finally, we need to manage the release of resources .


serverless If it is realized by landing , The work of moving bricks , Most people will lose their jobs .

infrastructure , framework , Business design and Implementation , Completely separated .

software engineering , Towards Construction Engineering .

Some people study new materials , Make new precast slabs , Steel essence , Glass , Some people do design , Design building , Some people design and decorate ,,, Some people or machines move bricks , implementation .


The good news is , There is still a long way to go .


Xiaolei : Huawei cloud has been around for a long time serverless Yes . The feeling is to provide an operating environment ,nodejs This kind of code is very suitable , Throw it up and run it . Is it a thing ?


reply : current serverless, It's all speculation , We haven't got anything industrial yet .

According to some of the current so-called serverless, former asp/php That's it , Cloud vendors deploy one iis or apache
server, Then create several virtual directories , Let users throw it in asp/php Code or file , Real time effect .

External appearance , Is it just one serverless?


It can be referred to 《Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless
Computing》, Learn about it and think about it serverless.


Today's developers can be seen as doing assembly language , You need to think about how to deploy it , This is called application oriented programming . So called cloud computing , Actually, how much memory is reserved for you , How many cores , You pay for these reserved resources , Whether you deploy or not , Your virtual machine , Cloud disk , Cloud database , They're all charging .

here we are serverless times , You just need to think about your computational logic , It doesn't need to consider any deployment scenarios . You don't have to buy a virtual machine , Buy cloud disk and database . Your application logic code , Will be scheduled and executed by the entire infrastructure . And it's only carried out , According to the number of times of execution , Or occupied resources .


Did you find out ? Born without state , Innate support flexibility . All high availability issues , Infrastructure helps you do it , Don't think about anything . Industrialization era of software engineering , By this time it really came .


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