as everyone knows , On the treatment of tax process , It often takes a lot of time and labor costs . In the face of such as VAT invoice filling and verification work on the implementation , Enterprises often have to find ways to solve the problem , Inefficient manual input caused by tedious billing process , Frequent errors and delayed feedback and other business problems . Whether it is for the enterprise or the specific operation of the individual , It's all a painful process .

How to optimize this process , Save enterprise cost , Improve organizational efficiency , Releasing human resources , Make the enterprise develop rapidly and healthily , It is also the problem that every enterprise has to think about .

recent years , With the continuous innovation of digital application , Many new technologies have been developed to improve the efficiency of enterprise process operation . In these technologies , At this stage, the most prominent is the RPA, Robot process automation .

When tax meets RPA
For the tax field of enterprises ,RPA The emergence of is a revolution , It's also a great gospel .
RPA Perform high value work by redefining work content and reassigning employees , Can be applied to those with strong manual operation , High repeatability of work , Time consuming tax work in every area .

for example :
● Tax provision (Tax
provisions): use RPA From enterprise resource planning (ERP) system , Subsystem , And other relevant supporting documents , Including the operation data of overseas operations, the data are also collected and imported , This automatically calculates the previously manually prepared tax provisions .
● Tax compliance (Tax compliance): application RPA Tax can be easily filled in , value added tax , Enterprise internal declaration system and other data requirements .
●RPA Based on the financial needs of enterprises , It can realize the automation of VAT preparation , And the value-added tax invoice verification automation . The efficiency of the previous time-consuming invoice checking and verification work can be improved .
● hold RPA Applied to tax sharing service center , Under the premise of data sharing , It can avoid repeated tax procedures .
● Even if companies have implemented direct or indirect tax compliance and reporting technology solutions ,RPA Still applicable .

RPA It has a significant impact on enterprise tax work
In terms of application ,RPA It can reduce the error caused by manual input and the cost of error correction , Bring high quality output and less rework to the enterprise , So that enterprises can quickly achieve results and benefits .

RPA The robot can automatically grab the data list to be invoiced , The data can also be synchronized with the customer and commodity service coding information in the billing system . meanwhile ,RPA The accuracy of the data in the billing list will be automatically verified , Compliance , And fill in the invoice information to the billing system , Print Invoice , Issue results , Automatic feedback to the administrator and invoice application personnel .
RPA It can also capture the feedback of each system in real time , Operate according to the specified logic , In case of abnormal interruption , Can also automatically maintain the interruption site , And after restart , Automatically restore to billing process , To complete the rest of the work .

In terms of deployment , Enterprises do not need to invest in new systems or retrofit existing systems , You can RPA Technology is deployed throughout the financial system and process . This greatly saves the cost of the enterprise .

RPA Taking over the staff is tedious , Time consuming repetitive work , Can release the ability of the team , Improve awareness of internal tax process , And make the organization's tax personnel focus on activities that can create more value for the enterprise .

RPA Application in Taxation , It will become another trend of enterprise digital transformation in the future .
In the near future , We will see more enterprises invest in their own tax field RPA The embrace of .

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