One use

git Version control has been gradually replaced cvs,svn Etc. version control , For a programmer , use git It is also a necessary course .

1. Warehouse initialization

see file . If so .git folder , The local warehouse was created successfully (.git Is a hidden folder )

2. Modify user name and email address

Local configuration :

notes : When the user name exists in both global configuration and local configuration , Local configuration has higher priority

3. Modify local directory profile ( Remote warehouse address )

4. Pull project from remote to local

step :

(1) Create an empty folder

(2) Pull project from remote to local

result :

view folders , You'll find out , The remote project has been cloned locally

such , It's done. I just arrived at the company , The process of pulling remote projects into their own computers

5. Submit local code to remote

(1) new file / Modify code

(2) Add us new / Modified code to be submitted list

notes : The warning is just a symbol conversion , Interested can Google , Don't worry about it , At this point, the code has entered the list to be submitted

(3) Submit the code in the to submit list to the local warehouse

result :

(4) Submit local project code to remote repository

The results show that :

At this time , View remote project , You can see the code we just submitted

notes : I use it here

of course , You can also submit projects to github

ad locum , It is suggested that open projects should be placed in github, Company projects or private projects

6. Ignore some files submitted to remote

When submitting a project , Many files should not be submitted remotely

For example, database configuration , Such as caching and so on

Create in root .gitignore ( be careful , This file must be associated with .git Peer )

wq Save it , These files will be ignored when submitting

Two git Several concepts of position

1. Four locations

2. Circulation process

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