The following are some of the most commonly used in work Git  command , It is enough to develop and master these items at ordinary times , These are also arranged in the order of the process .

# Download a project and its entire code history
$ git clone [url]

# Create a new branch , And switch to the branch
git checkout -b [branch]

# View modified files
git status 

# Add all files of the current directory to the staging area
 git add .

# Submit staging area to warehouse area
 git commit -m [message]

# Retrieve changes to remote warehouse , And merge with local branches
$ git pull [remote] [branch]

# Upload local designated branch to remote warehouse
 git push [remote] [branch]

# Delete branch
 git branch -d [branch-name]

# Delete remote branch
 git push origin --delete [branch-name]
 git branch -dr [remote/branch]

# Temporarily remove uncommitted changes , Move in later
$ git stash
$ git stash pop

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