Stay in a business for a long time , Do you find work boring ? Have you found that you are no longer as aggressive as when you first joined the company ? Your salary , Is there any bottleneck in the position ? outside , You may also feel increasingly tense with your supervisor , More and more out of step , Maybe you are more and more confused about your career future …… When you show up “ DANGER ” Signal time , I solemnly remind you : Maybe you should change jobs !

   Everybody knows , Frequent job hopping will have a bad impact on their career planning , however , A smart, planned and visionary professional , Will be very clear under what circumstances they should take the initiative to resign , Once internal conditions or external opportunities appear , You'll hold on to it , Never let go . In a twinkling of an eye , Many people may have made great achievements in this regard , Realize my career dream , And you are a different kind of person , Not indifferent to contradictions and bottlenecks , To be a monk for a day makes a clock , It's too cautious , Always look forward to the future , Uncertain , Lead to opportunity slip away , Distressed and helpless . Here are eight “ Job hopping signal ”:

  1, Your business , The industry in which the enterprise is located is facing a huge development bottleneck . Too many companies are competing , A piece of cake that has been shrinking , Sales of enterprises , Profits are spiraling down , Customer churn , Around the closure of enterprises , Bankruptcy , Rumors of being acquired pervade every corner of the enterprise , Your colleagues , Friends are already looking for jobs .

  2, You can't fit into the corporate culture . Your values and the work philosophy advocated by the enterprise , sense of worth , When corporate culture is out of place , It's bound to be hard for you to fit into the corporate team , Being seen as a weirdo or an alien , This will kill your enthusiasm and enthusiasm . At this time , You “ Special people ” How can you be happy to participate in the work ? And the right to survive in the company is always threatened , At this time, it's better to take Thirty-six Strategies .

  3, Became the company's “ Public enemy ”, And then, when you come across a huge alien “ pull ” Time , Job hopping is a wise choice . If there is a headhunting company that brings you an attractive gift , You can have a promotion or a position you want , The salary increase has reached your psychological level , The company has a good reputation and reputation , Establish reasonable career planning , In the face of such an opportunity that can not be met , What are you hesitating about ?  

  4, When you and the business or the people in power are experiencing moral challenges . If you're a moralist , Unfortunately, I entered a family for profit “ use unscrupulous divisive tactics ” Our company , Cheat customers , Fake and shoddy , False information …… You are surrounded by hypocritical smiles and polite gestures , At this time , Even if there are a thousand reasons to stay , You just need a reason , You can leave the house in peace “ dark ” Our company . 

  5, You have a strained relationship with your immediate supervisor , be totally incompatible . Out of character , habit , Different values lead you to be sharp and sharp all the time , It's a hair trigger , Even if you've stepped back or tried to make up for communication , But it didn't help , Consider looking for another job . You know , In the enterprise, it is always your direct supervisor who controls your life and death , He can't stand you , You'll never make it , Instead of wasting , It's better to finish .  

  6, You find yourself doing simple, challenging tasks over and over again . When I first took office , You can learn and do , We have benefited a lot , And if you see all the business is already familiar with the chest , In your eyes, you become a simple step-by-step operator . No fresh blood was injected every day , It can only be repeated , And there's no chance of promotion . You're losing enthusiasm for such a job , Even afraid of getting tired of going to work , At this point, we say that you have encountered a career development bottleneck , It's time for you to change your job .

  7, Contrary to the above , You don't think you can afford the company , Your efforts have not improved your work pressure for a long time , On the contrary, you feel more and more overwhelmed , You often even want to leave documents in the office , hasten out of the house in a great rush . Work affects your body and mind and your family , that , You shouldn't be stingy about today's high paid higher vocational education , It should be before it collapses , Open up a new road for ourselves .

  8, Your quality of life has suddenly changed dramatically . buy a house , Car Buying , Children's education and other expenses make your current income beyond the means , pull down one 's jacket to conceal the raggedness , only to expose one 's elbows , And you have the ability to find a higher paying job , You might as well consider changing the environment .

   in short , seize the opportunity , Keep a clear mind and change jobs at the right time , It's the choice of every reasonable career planner . If you read the above eight suggestions , Feel confused and uneasy , Uncertain , Or do you have a better reason to jump , Ask your successful predecessors , Or seek help from a professional career counseling agency , I believe we will get out of the predicament , Have a career of tomorrow again .

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