Because there are many brands of browser at home and abroad , Let's not list them one by one , Here's a list 360, Sogou , Google , Foxes .

Let's first look at their cold start times , Foxes are 4.6s, Google is 5.8s, Sogou is 3.4s,360 yes 3.08s. Let's look at their hot start times , Foxes are 1.8s, Google is 0.9s, Sogou is 0.78s,360 yes 0.72s. Obviously, in terms of start-up time , China's Sogou and 360 be a stroke above .

From the above data , Whether it is cold start or hot start , China's Sogou high speed browser and 360 Security browsers are better than foreign foxes and Google .

Let's take a look at the websites they open, such as Jingdong , TaoBao , Gome , Suning's average time , Foxes are 4.2s, Google is 3.9s, Sogou is 4.4s,360 yes 4.1s, Google is slightly faster than the other three .

Let's look at the average speed at which they download files , What's foxy 175kb/s, Google is 176kb/s, Sogou is 165kb/s,360 yes 241kb/s, As domestic browsers generally add professional cloud acceleration in the download module, such as 360 Cooperate with xunlei , Just let it go 360 Don't mention it , The other three domestic and foreign foxes and Gu Ge are slightly better .

Let's talk about their safety comparison :

( One )360 Security browser focuses on Internet security , So it can be said that other people can see the Internet security risks, it has launched the corresponding solutions . Therefore, it is natural that the browser market will have a foothold in a short period of time , It just needs to be 360 Security guard to strengthen “ Armor Class ” It feels like a snail with a shell . It's too soft without a shell , It's too heavy to wear a shell .

( Two ) Sogou high speed browser although from the name, Sogou advocates the speed of the Internet , But it doesn't ignore the importance of safety . It is associated with “ Jinshan guard ” Cooperative envoy “ Sogou website security guard ” Pride formation . Adopted “ Cloud malicious website database ”” and “ Real time killing ” Double web page security protection technology . When the website visited is a malicious site , Sogou website security guard will immediately stop browsing behavior , And pop up a prompt in the page area . At the same time, the address bar will display a danger icon .
( Three ) Fox browser has relatively simple security settings , But this setting is available for every browser . Through its official website, this paper introduces its surrounding Internet security mainly based on Google Safe
Browsing Secure browsing system based on , It can help users stay away from the threat of malicious websites and phishing websites . Among them, the official website also specially reminds us to update the plug-in at any time to ensure the Internet security . Because of foxes 6.0 After installation, it is completely in bare running state , So pay attention to the installation of plug-ins in any aspect . If we pay more attention to safety , Consider that users can install WOT plug-in unit . After installation, the security level of the website can be displayed , You can also submit after rating the website . At the same time, in the official website of fox will also recommend users related security software such as Jinshan drug bully .
( Four ) The official website of Google browser mainly introduces its security Google Safe Browsing
API( blacklist ) And sandbox . And among them “ Sandbox ” and 360 Browser's “ sandbox ” It's not the same , Sandbox technology can separate websites from programs , In this way, malware cannot spread to other parts of the computer with the tabs .(360 And Google “ Sandbox ” perhaps “ sandbox ” You can use one name , But the technical description is different .) Through the advanced options of Google browser settings , You can check the protection function of malware , When it comes to a similar situation, Google will issue a warning .

in summary , Each browser has its own security mechanism , Generally, it is safe .

Finally, let's take a look at them HTML5 Running points on , Foxes are 447 branch , Google is 506 branch , Sogou is 417 branch ,360 yes 508 branch , In the comprehensive score ,360 It's no match for Google , Both are slightly higher than the other two .

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