The new year is over , summary 2018, expectation 2019.

I've done a lot of development , But it's not the kind of in-depth college entrance examination , That really knows it , Knowing why and studying deeply . Inertia leads to the lack of progress in recent years , Think about it .

As the saying goes, a man without foresight will have immediate worries

review :

1. Not a change of company , After all, it is the partner of the original company , Tripartite agreement , Went straight to the new company .

2.iOS Technology has reached a bottleneck , Busy with business all day , I don't have the energy to do some interesting open source and low-level research ( Except for some special ones, we have to study them ).

3. Always loved C, It's just a basic understanding , Not really used in the project .

4.react-native,HTML It's just familiar , Not proficient , Can only satisfy the project .

5.flutter,tensorflow,Python,java,SQL, artificial intelligence , All want to have a go , But no time, no energy .


so far , It's already done 6 Annual development , It's past the age of standing , We can't go on with this anymore , It's time to harvest and summarize .

2019 year flag:

1.   March low , Design patterns , It's over .

2. April to June , What's more, we need to use it node.js+Cordova+vue/react
Write a project , As long as it's to learn nodejs and js, After that , Get to know my next son Flutter  Write a project ( Android needs to know , At least useful ).

3. algorithm data structure TCP/IP 6 Months ago , Again .

4. And then there is python, We should study hard , After all, it should be useful later , This is about yourself 100w Small goals .

5. All of these should have ideas and frameworks , Programming ideas . Keep a clear mind . After all, it works , Plan for your future .

6. etc. python It's done , hold SQL Pick it up again .

7. People with love walk down the Hexi Corridor , Where conditions permit , Go down Tibet south line again .


Our time is limited , We must take good care of it , No more waste is allowed , No one else is allowed to waste our time , Don't live up to the expectations of others , Don't let other people's voice , Influence yourself . Only this life , Be responsible for your own life . The so-called dream is not plain sailing , It doesn't happen overnight , I want the pyramid to spin up , Know the vertex . All the way , There are bound to be setbacks , Don't get tangled , Don't give up easily , It's done . Now that you've made up your mind , Then his existence is a promise , Don't give yourself a way back . And don't shrink back , Can't be devoured by laziness , Go all out to do things without reservation .

Alisck kaan

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