【TechWeb】8 month 9 day , Huawei developer conference opens in Dongguan , Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software, has also brought us a brand new Huawei EMUI10.0 system . Long before the developer conference , I believe that many science and technology enthusiasts have learned EMUI10 There will be major innovations , According to the official warm-up , This will be a new system built to break the boundary of the terminal experience . Let's take a look EMUI10 What are the highlights .

After several generations of accumulation , at present EMUI Already owned include GPU Turbo,Link
Turo, Ark compiler and other breakthroughs in technology , The performance has been greatly improved . this EMUI10 Added dark mode , Provide consumers with more choices and better visual experience , Introduction to Wang Chenglu EMUI10 The design is based on multiple contrast level modeling , Make it easier to read , More comfortable .

EMUI10 Introduction of distributed technology for the first time , Independent of Hongmeng system , The introduction of distributed technology makes it possible to break the single hardware boundary , Form super terminal , Different hardware devices can be called at will , Fully mutual assistance and sharing between terminals .

At the conference , Combined with Dajiang UAV , The staff demonstrated the screen sharing in Dongguan and the sharing experience in Wuhan , Wang Chenglu said , this EMUI10 Realize one-time development and multi terminal deployment , It can break the boundary between different equipment , Reduce software development by the device itself hardware constraints , More powerful experience enhancement through multi device superposition .

In the next generation Mate series , Will launch EMUI10, It will also be launched Mate20,Mate20 Pro,Mate20 RS
Porsche Design ,Mate20X And so on BETA edition , Huawei sincerely invites all developers and users to experience together .

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