1. 5G Difference of demand indicators in different application scenarios



2. 5G Network challenge and improvement direction of the times

    Separation of control plane and user plane

    Network function service , Software and hardware decoupling


3. 5G Overall network architecture



   3.1 Service based architecture SBA

     CUPS Separation of control surface and control surface

      3.1.1 AMF Access and mobile management functions

      ccess and Mobility Management Function, Access and mobile management functions , It is responsible for terminal access rights and switching


      Access and mobile management functions (AMF) It includes the following functions

* - termination RAN CP Interface (N2).
* - termination NAS(N1),NAS Encryption and integrity protection .
* - Registration management .
* - Connection management .
* - Accessibility management .
* - Liquidity management .
* - lawful interception ( For AMF Events and LI System interface ).
* - by UE and SMF Between the SM Message delivery .
* - For routing SM Transparent proxy for messages .
* - Access authentication .
* - Access authorization .
* - stay UE and SMSF Between SMS Transmission of messages .
* - Safety anchor function (SEAF).
* - Positioning service management of supervision service .
* - by UE and LMF And RAN and LMF The location service message provides transmission between .
* - Used with EPS Interworking EPS load bearing ID distribution .
* -UE Mobile event notification .

      3.1.2 SMF Session management function

        Session management function (SMF) It includes the following functions

* - session management , For example, session establishment , Modification and release , include UPF and AN Tunnel maintenance between nodes .
* -UE IP Address assignment and management ( Include optional authorization ).
* -DHCPv4( Server and client ) and DHCPv6( Server and client ) function .
* -ARP Agency and / Or Ethernet PDU Of IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation Proxying.
SMF Through the IP Address corresponding MAC Address to respond ARP and / or IPv6 Neighbor request request .
* - Selection and control UP function , Including control UPF agent ARP or IPv6 Neighbor discovery , Or will all ARP / IPv6 Neighbor request traffic forward to SMF, For Ethernet PDU conversation .
* - to configure UPF Flow control of , Route traffic to the right destination .
* - Terminate interface to policy control function .
* - lawful interception ( be used for SM Events and LI System interface ).
* - Charging data collection and supporting billing interface .
* - Control and coordination UPF Charge data collection of .
* - termination SM News SM part .
* - Downlink data notification .
* -AN given SM Originator of information , adopt AMF adopt N2 Send to AN.
* - Determine the session's SSC pattern .
* - Roaming function :
* - Process local implementation for application QoS SLA(VPLMN).
* - Billing data collection and billing interface (VPLMN).
* - lawful interception ( stay SM Of events VPLMN and LI System interface ).
* - Support and external DN Interaction of , In order to pass through the outside DN transmission PDU Session authorization / Authenticated signaling .

      3.1.3 UDF User plane function

      User plane function (UPF) It includes the following functions :

* - be used for RAT within / RAT Anchor point of inter mobility ( When applicable ).
* - external PDU Session points for interconnection with data networks .
* - Packet routing and forwarding ( for example , An instance that supports uplink classifiers to route traffic to a data network , Support branching points to support multi hosting PDU conversation ).
* - Packet check ( for example , Application detection based on service data flow template and SMF Received optional PFD).
* - Implementation of some policy rules in user plane , For example, gating , redirect , Flow steering ).
* - lawful interception (UP collect ).
* - Traffic usage report .
* - User plane QoS handle , for example UL / DL Speed implementation ,DL Reflection in QoS sign .
* - Uplink traffic verification (SDF reach QoS Traffic mapping ).
* - Transmission level packet marking in uplink and downlink .
* - Downlink packet buffering and downlink data notification triggering .
* - One or more “ End tag ” Send and forward to source NG-RAN node .
* -ARP Agency and / Or Ethernet PDU Of IPv6 Neighbor Solicitation Proxying.
UPF Through the IP Address corresponding MAC Address to respond ARP and / or IPv6 Neighbor request request .

      3.1.4 PCF Policy control function


      3.1.4 NEF Network development function   The Network Exposure Function

      Providing specific services to third parties , Ability to provide external network services , For example, network optimization , Enhancement of functions


      3.1.5 NRF Network storage function   The Network Repository Function 

      by SBA Functions of Architecture Services , Support service discovery ,



      3.1.6 UDM  Unified data management The Unified Data Management

      Control surface function , Function of generating authentication ,UE id Generation of


      3.1.6 AUSF  Authentication service function The Authentication Server Function

      3.1.7 AF  Application function The Application Function

      3.1.8 UDR  Function of unified data storage The Unified Data Repository

         Storage and retrieval of subscription data bye the UDM

         Storage and retireval of structured data for exposure


       3.1.9 UDSF  The Unstructured Data Storage Function

       3.1.10 SMSF  Short message service function The Short Message Service Function

       3.1.11 NSSF  Network slice selection function The Network Slice Selection Function


4. 5G Core network function service framework

    4.1 Authorization mechanism of network function service registration discovery

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