1, Briefly describe the difference between value type and reference type .

The value type passes the value itself , Reference types pass addresses .

2,C# What is the base class for all reference types in ?


3, Please describe briefly ArrayList and List The main difference between .

LIST Is an interface class ,ArrayList Class implements this interface , It can be used in this way :List a=new ArrayList();

4, Please describe briefly GC( garbage collection ) Causes , And describe how to avoid it .

GC Generally, it reclaims the memory on the heap , So general new The words of only new Just on the stack , Do something appropriate objectpool, It will also be reduced gc The pressure of .

5, Please describe interface And abstract classes .

6, The following code is running , Several temporary objects are generated ?
stringa=newstring(“abc”); a=(a.ToUpperCase()+“123”).SubString(0,2);
7, What happens to the following code while it's running ? How to avoid it ?
List<int> Is=newList<int>(newint[]{1,2,3,4,5}); foreach(intn inIs) { Debug.Log(
n*n); Is.Remove(n); }
8, Please describe briefly sealed The role of keyword in class declaration and function declaration .

As a category Cannot have subclasses As a function modifier Functions cannot be overridden in subclasses

9, Please describe briefly private,public,protected,internal The difference between .

private: Private members , It can only be accessed inside the class .
public: Public members , Full disclosure , There are no access restrictions .
protected: Protection of members , This class can be accessed within and within the inheritance .
internal: Accessible within the current assembly .

10, Please briefly describe the implementation principle of reflection .

11, Please describe briefly .Net And Mono The relationship between .

mono yes .net A tool for ,.net Only in windows Running under the platform ,mono It can cross platform , Can run on Linux,FreeBSD,Unix,OS
X and Solaris

12, Please describe briefly Unity3D Supported 3 Names of script languages .


13,Unity3D Do you support writing multithreaded programs ? What should we pay attention to if we support it ?

support : If you're dealing with a lot of things at the same time, or Unity The object interaction of small can be used thread, Otherwise use coroutine.
be careful :C# There are lock This keyword , To ensure that only one thread can access a specific object at a specific time

14,Unity3D Coprogramming in (coroutine) and C# What is the difference between threads ?

Unity3d There is no concept of multithreading , however unity It also provides us with StartCoroutine( Collaborative program ) and LoadLevelAsync( Asynchronous loading level ) How to load scene in background .
StartCoroutine Why is it called a collaborative program , The so-called synergy , It's when you're there StartCoroutine When dealing with a piece of code in the function body of , utilize yield Statement to wait for the result of execution , This period does not affect the continuation of the main program , Can work together . and LoadLevelAsync Allows you to load new resources and scenes in the background , So reuse collaboration , You can use it at the front desk loading Bar or animation to remind the player that the game is not stuck , At the same time, the background cooperatively handles the loading matters asynchronous[e
ɪˈ s ɪŋ kr ə n ə s] .synchronous synchronization .

15, Please say it Unity3D Names of components that dare to record geometric information of node space in , And its parent class name .

transform, Superclass component

16, Please briefly describe the function of quaternion and the advantages of quaternion relative to Euler angle .

17, Briefly describe the dot multiplication of vectors , Cross product of vector and the significance of vector normalization .

18, Please briefly describe the significance of matrix multiplication and points for attention .

19, Please briefly explain why people are looking for mobile devices Unity3D Original GUI Alternatives to the system .

20, Please briefly describe how to maintain at different resolutions UI Consistency of .

21, Please briefly explain why dynamic font stay unicode Better than in the environment static font.

22, Please describe briefly Renderer The role of , And describe MeshRenderer And SkinnedMeshRenderer The relationship between
Different from .

23, Please describe briefly SkinnedMesh The realization principle of .

24, In the scene Prefab The role of , And describes how to use it properly in the mobile device environment .

26, How to destroy one UnityEngine.Object And its subclasses .

27, Please briefly explain why Unity3D Data loss occurs in the build-up (missing).

28, Please describe briefly Unity3D How to move safely between different projects asset data , Please name three ways .

1. You can put assets Contents and Library Directories migrated together
2. Export package
3. use Unity With assets Server function

29, Please describe briefly MeshCollider And others Collider One of the main differences of .

30, When a small, high-speed object ( Like a bullet ) When you hit another big object , What could happen
situation ? How to avoid it ?

31, Please describe briefly OnEnable,Aawake and Start Order of occurrence at run time . What may be generated in the same object
Occurring in the middle of life .

32, Please describe briefly OnBecameVisible and OnBecameInvisible Time of occurrence , And this pair of callback methods
significance .
When renderer( Renderer ) Called when it is not visible on any camera :OnBecameInvisible
When renderer( Renderer ) Called when visible on any camera :OnBecameVisible

33, Please describe briefly Unity3D How to get the data to be loaded in the scene .

34, Please describe briefly MeshRenderer in material and sharedmaterial The difference between .


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