Xiaobian knows

Many friends have a deep desire to be a front-end big bull

And there are many technical problems to be solved

Because the quality of various courses on the market is uneven

And want to master high-level development technology

It takes a lot of time and effort

So, Huawei HDZ Summit 2020

Special launch

【WEB Front end full stack developer growth plan 】

No play, no dig , Just to help you solve practical problems

3 Months , Free learning

Building the front end full stack skill system


What is? 【WEB Front end full stack growth plan 】

High quality front end courses integrating Huawei R & D experience , cover HTML/JavaScript/Node.js And other core knowledge points ,3 Build the front-end full stack skill system for you in months , Help the front-end skills to improve rapidly , Towards full stack engineers !

◎ Suitable for people :

Stage one is suitable :0 Basic developers who want to be advanced ( student /0 Basic developers can )

Stage two , Three suitable : Want to improve the front-end technical framework in an all-round way , Developers learning Huawei's development technology

Registration time and address are shown below


Advanced learning , See who can “ First World War to the end ”

◎ Launch of activity recruitment :(05/25- End of the event )

◎Phase 1: Introduction to front end Basics (06/08-07/12 ~4 week )

◎Phase 2: Step into script and framework development (07/13-07/31 4~6 week )

◎Phase 3: Full stack advanced (08/03-08/31 4~6 week )

◎ Advanced examination : Practice assessment and certification (~1 week )


“ spoils ” Essential and quite rich

According to the different stages of the course , Prizes are different , The details of the prizes are as follows :

Prize in kind

Million yards of beans

Ten thousand grade voucher


Registration time and method

The whole stack growth plan has started

Identify the QR code below and sign up now

Don't wait any longer ~

Long press recognition , Get involved now

Dear developers / cute girl , Sign up now 【 Full stack developer course 】 Immediate delivery 300 Huawei cloud code beans and pre course ; also , We opened it on purpose 【 Full stack developer learning group 】, The point is for everyone to learn together
, Someone will help you out , There is an exam to help you find and fill in the gaps , There are also Huawei's technology giants who parachute into the group to answer questions from time to time , There are more surprise and advanced awards waiting for nimeng ,~~~

Report to class not to join the group ? It's a loss of hundreds of millions , Quickly identify the QR code below or search 【 Huawei cloud assistant 01】 wechat number :hwcloud01 Let's take you to the study group ~

Huawei cloud assistant 01【hwcloud01】

The final tip

HDZ Summit 2020 Other highlights of the conference

Huawei 11 Free experience of big cutting edge products

There are also developer fairs

Participation in partition 1 One hundred million yards of beans

In addition, it can win Huawei watch bracelet

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Hi, let's do it together ~

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