Between the blank ushered in 2019, Seems unprepared , Full of longing , get a promotion CSDN, Occasionally, I saw the new year flag Solicitation activities , My heart is full of different tastes .

review 2018

Don't say anything wrong , Don't do wrong , Youth in vain

2018 It's also my graduation year .

Up to 6 Hours of motor train slowly stopped in Hankou , I was in my backpack , Stepped onto the platform , It's getting late , It's a little dark , The residual heat in the air is blowing gently , Four years , What makes people feel most is the hot and dry in Wuhan , At that time, I often joked that Wuhan had only winter and summer but no spring and autumn .

When I first went to college , Leaders have always said that subway will be built near the college , Four years in a flash , The subway is on line , But we are already social people .

Went through a subway line , Back to College , Maybe it's because of the new opening , There were no pedestrians along the way .

It's night back at college , It's getting dark , The old man at the door is still guarding the stove and selling pot helmets , My aunt sells stewed meat ,... Everything is as loud as it was when I left .

Under the rendering of dim light color of street lamp , On the stone platform at the gate , In front of you , Engraved school name is so warm , Through the gate , On both sides is a circular cement road with the same end , Walk slowly along the right side , All the new faces were coming , only a short while ago , I used to be so young , There is no pressure from the workplace , Around the lover's slope , Students and lovers can always be seen in pairs ..

The next day , I get up early to attend the Symposium of outstanding graduates , At eight o'clock , Administration building 5 There are some students standing on the corridor , It was also in this meeting that I met some familiar faces , Everyone politely asked each other about the latest situation ,....

The meeting lasted until noon , It's just in time for the class meeting , It's the last time . Go down the stairs through the gallery , My mind still echoed the director's final conclusion “ The outside world , No school . Don't look up and down , Do more and practice more , Even the big brother of the underworld starts from shoeshine ...” Very simple truth , At this moment, I heard a different feeling .

In the afternoon, we arranged to take graduation photos , Wearing the graduation uniform distributed at noon , Remember every graduation season , How many times have you asked elder martial brothers and sisters of the local association to borrow clothes , And this time I became the protagonist .

“ One .. Two .. Three .. start ”“ Ah ...” With a burst of excited cheers , Like flying ideal , We tossed our hats overhead , That moment also in the card wipe a sound, forever record became the picture .

night , Class dinner , They are all happy , Can talk about the past, now, but not about the future .

The next day , It's the graduation ceremony , Looking at the chairs covered with red cloth on the playground , Covered with White Dew , The morning air is fresh and cool , The staff in the student union uniform on the playground are also busy , I think I was one of them two years ago .

The warm sunshine has not yet been shed , The ceremony has officially begun . It's nearly noon , The process of issuing certificates begins , Maybe it's a vision of the future , Or expectations for the future , I finally graduated , That my heart is full of excitement , On stage , I forgot to bow my head when I plucked tassels , Take the certificate with both hands, but forget to shake hands .... Everything was so embarrassing .

same evening , Make an appointment with cb Eat together ,cb Is my university as the head of the Network Information Department of the student union to know the Department younger brother , I'm one year senior to him , Coincidentally , He graduated from junior college , I've also caught up with graduation . Sitting on the edge of the abandoned pool at the entrance of the college , Looking at the crowds coming and going , Accept the weird look in their eyes , Actually, I want to meet someone by chance , Someone I wanted to see when I came back .

and cb The two ordered a few dishes in the restaurant at the entrance of the college , Three bottles of jiangxiaobai , A bottle of youth , A bottle for love , One bottle for ideal .

Maybe it's the mood gap , The waiting man didn't show up , It was a big night , To the end , I vomited all over the shop , cover cb Dragged back to the hotel , Only hear clearly in the confusion “ Ha ha ha ...... Remember how much you drink , A bottle of jiangxiaobai and a bottle of beer .....”

On the road of pursuing dreams , Everyone can be their own hero first

After the Dragon Boat Festival , It's also a return to the normal pace of work , In Suzhou wn I have been working for two months , I got my diploma this time , From then on, I bid farewell to the internship 3000 Pay , In fact, I am very happy .

996 After two months of adjustment , The intensity is still very high , Also with a cavity of warm blood , Passion for the game development industry , Everything will stick to it . When I first started , It was a really painful time , Because the game engine used by the company is developed by the company itself , So many interfaces do not understand themselves , The company also has no project documentation for newcomers , You can only view one line of code , View the code of the Department project , Understand their thinking and take over .

And I'm very grateful to one of my buddies , Sit behind me yan My brother is from the northeast , Speak for others, do things forthright and direct , At the beginning of my career , And thanks to him , Including after that when you start to participate in project functions , Many interfaces are thanks to his hints .

Maybe it's the hard work accumulated in the past two months or the shortage of project staff , After I came back, I began to participate in the full function of the logic , as : Apprenticeship system , Privilege card function and so on , It also means that in the days after the end of each month , I have to stay up all night , The first time , It's early morning 5 Click to get off work card , Tired very empty , A little shivering , But I was very satisfied , I have achieved my goal , In the project team , I don't want to do chores , I also contribute my part , At that moment I thought I was lucky , With a group of people with dreams , Do what you are interested in , Those days gone by , Thanks to Mr. Meng's tolerance and tutor Hu's patience , Always give me inspiration at the most critical moment .

After August , It's going crazy in the company , The company is cutting people on a large scale , once ,fangan, My friend in Wuhan , common 5 I've joined the company wn, Chatting in silence ,xxx It's been laid off, you know ? These situations have really put a lot of pressure on us , But the fate inside and outside , We can only let go of this anxiety .

But fortune seems to have chosen not to be on my side ,“qr,hr It's over the door , He's looking for you ...” Boss Meng pushed me , I was still busy in front of the computer , My heart pounded , In fact, I am not satisfied , I have been diligent in the company , Never been late once , Never put off working overtime once , There is less than half a month to become a full-time official , Go out and have a look , A man and a woman sat to one side , There is a document with what on the desk , A burst of greetings and praise , then ,“... The company is not doing well , If so 16 year , The company is willing to keep you ...”

Thank you for your teaching and training , I sent Mr. Hu and Mr. Meng an apple, respectively , The next day he cleared the table and left , When I left, I was very complicated .

Then he began to apply for jobs for nearly a month , At the end of the year , Bumps and bumps , It also strengthened my determination to write blog ! Finally, she traveled from Shanghai to Shenzhen ... Outside the train , Dark night , Cool wind , A dim light , Dream chaser , Confused heart !

I see your face in the cup , But it's already a rush year

She was a freshman when I met her , At that time, I was the Department Minister of the student union , Outdoor quality development , At that time, for the convenience of management , The newcomer should choose a team leader , She recommended herself , She was very green at that time , There's nothing particular about dress , I only remember her plain face , Long hair and shoulders , Wearing a white coat , Put on a pair of blue trousers , With a pair of white shoes , It was her smile that infected me . Tenure , She's always been very skinny , Lively and active , Every time I speak , She always smiles . I admit that I was a bad schoolmaster .

The end of senior year 4 In the month , I received it from Suzhou wn Of offer, One has a strong background in the game industry , I also recognize the enterprise , On that day, I also happened to return to school to participate in graduation defense , In fact, there is a little thought , I want to see her .

The defense went well , Perhaps it is the appreciation and recognition of teachers , I got very high marks , Let me strive for excellent graduate , I'm very happy. , I want to share my joy with her immediately , I have been recognized for work and study .

Because the hotel was full last night , I spent the night in the Internet bar , It looks a little awkward ,... I stood at the door of the old canteen , The road is a straight line to her dormitory
, It's the latest one , But I didn't see her for an hour and a half , Wuhan in April may not be completely cold , It's a little cold , I QQ I said hello to her ,15 Reply in minutes ,“ I'm home this week ....”

In the middle of April , I have another appointment , Let's meet at Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street , At noon that day 12 I'm going to wait there , It was three o'clock , I said I would take you to steak , But I haven't had one either , With the knowledge of Baidu last night , The steak is very well done , Which restaurant is affordable , What other places to play on Erqi road ... It's three o'clock in the afternoon .

Then I just wait at the subway entrance , night 7 spot , You're here at last , Short skirt with white coat , Rose colored hair , Carrying a coat , Maybe I'm worried about the cool night . I brought a friend with me .

Come out of the western restaurant in the evening , I gave you a drip , You've been putting off saying no , I'm also short of money recently , Plus the driver went the wrong way , I think I will go to Suzhou at the end of the month , There will be few meetings in the future , I just want to walk with you and see you back , With you around 2 Subway , You've been urging me to go straight on the way 2 Line No , OK, go straight back , They sent you to Erqi road , Watch you get in the car , I really wanted to say something to you at that moment , Stand at the front of the car , The corner of your eyes , The smoke in my lungs makes me choke , I want to tell you ... Watch the car go slowly , I asked you to return a message to me when you arrived in the dormitory , Do you think maybe this is the last time to see you .

Never thought it was the last time , Until the graduation day , She happened to be three days away from school .

I left Wuhan for Suzhou 7 Days ago , I play a cool run game , Put your avatar at the beginning of the game , The words in my heart were made into color dots and added in , The blessing to you has become the barrage of the game , I hope you are getting better and better ! Email , The sending time was set in the early morning of your Lunar birthday 0 spot .

That year ,

Silence Blooming ,

That year ,

No trace of flowers ,

That year ,

Bright moon ,

PI Nian ,

The evening breeze is gentle ,

That year , what year? ?

tonight , what year? ?

Time flies with laughter ,

The future can be expected .

 2019 Message   

1. Put all the skills learned in the past few years in the University , Write a blog , At least cover the following :

*             C language
*             C++ language
*             STL
*             C# language
*             Unity
*             DirectX graphics
*             Shader
*             Ideas of projects that have been done
*             TypeScript
*             Layabox
2. quit smoking , No longer expect feelings , Keep an eye on someone

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