command :

npm run build:web

dist inside web Is the packaged web code


We can copy it dist/web File to my-app/www Under the table of contents :


get into my-app Directory to run the command :

cordova run android
Need to run Android simulator



It's manually copied to www Under the table of contents , Next we use code mobility :

Return to the root directory to execute :

npm i fs-extra -s




modify .electron-vue/build.js

add to app method

function app () { del.sync(['dist/web/*', '!.gitkeep']) webpack(webConfig,
(err, stats) => { if (err || stats.hasErrors()) console.log(err)
console.log(stats.toString({ chunks: false, colors: true }))
fs.copy('dist/web', 'my-app/www', err => { if (err) return console.error(err)
console.log('success!') process.exit() }) }) }

modify package.json, Add method


Delete first my-app/www The inner retreat , Run in root , Will copy code to my-app within

Run or need to jump to my-app within , implement :

cordova run android




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