I found the latest when I looked at the materials GT3.9.5 In the data management section of Data Replication
Service. Introduction on the official website , Its main function is to generate local copies , I.e. use RFT Transfer the files needed in the grid to the local , And automatically RLS Registered copy .
The following is an introduction to the original text :
The Data Replication Service (DRS) is a technical preview provided with the
Globus Toolkit 3.9.5 and first appears in the GT 3.9.5 Beta release. The
primary functionality of the component allows users to identify a set of
desired files existing in their Grid environment, to make local replicas of
those data files by transfering files from one or more source locations, and to
register the new replicas in a Replica Location Service. The DRS conforms to
the WS-RF specification and exposes a WS-Resource (called a "Replicator"
resource) which represents the transactional state of the requested replication
activity and allows users to query or subscribe to various Resource Properties
in order to monitor the state of the resource. The DRS is built on the GT 3.9.5
Java WS Core and uses the Globus RLS to locate and register replicas and the
Globus RFT to transfer files. The service also depends on use of a standard
database server via JDBC interfaces. A client tool is included that allows
users to submit a request file as a command line paramater that contains a list
of data files to be replicated at the site. The client tool creates a
Replicator resource to maintain state for the replication operation.

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