We found a problem recently :malloc Several groups of values come out (UINT32) It's always changing , There is always room to change him .

hardware platform :zynq 7045. software platform ucos II operating system .

This kind of problem is very difficult to locate , It is possible that the array is out of bounds , It's possible that the wild pointer and so on .

But good luck , I found the artifact :DS5.

1.DS5 Use of

Hardware connection is needless to say , Software start .

1.1 Establishment project .

Test code into ds5 Under the table of contents workspace


choice Existing Projects into Workspace, choice next,

I've added it , So it can't be added again , Select after adding finish that will do .

1.2 debug information .

run--->Debug Configurtations

Right click DS-5 Debugger choice new.

connection Under the table of contents Select the corresponding platform . I am zynq Then choose bare metal ( There are linux).

file Select the compiled one elf Format file :

Debugger choice connect only

os awareness Select the corresponding bare metal operating system

Then choose debug that will do .

1.3 start debug

Corresponding separately run, stop it Single step debugging and other information .

0x60b284 Address for stampede : increase watch point

watch point monitor 0x60b284 == 3 When , Seize the scene . And then through the mw( Change memory instruction ), Change the address value to 3, You can catch it mw Thread . The picture is as follows :

here cpu stop, Then change it again watch ponit monitor 0x60b284 Not for 3 Grasp the scene when conditions permit .


Finally found out PC The pointer points to 0x10ADB8. hold elf Format file for disassembly arm-linux-gcc-objdump - D xxxx.elf >

open xxx.txt, lookup 0x10ADB8 Function of address or nearby address :

You can see that it happens to be in this function , There was an error in pushing the stack :

To confirm , You can view it ds-5 Medium cpu Of r0-r4 register :

Exactly the same , Confirmed the existence of the error . Have to say DS-5 It's a magic weapon :

You can see that the memory map is wrong ,irq The stack in mode is set to malloc Area .

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