Heuristic antivirus :

Nothing from the Internet to play antivirus software , This is not the last few days down A player from Germany —— Avira .

Very good introduction on the Internet , so , Beckoning ——> get some action .

Of course, if someone says that an anti-virus software is good , That must be a good skill . Where does it grow ?

Take a look at the introduction , Eye pain , Why? ? It's all in English . Don't get me wrong , It's not that we don't know English , Can understand , It's all in English . Let's find the instructions online . I didn't pay attention to anything else , I saw these words “ The biggest feature of xiaohongsan ”,—— Heuristic antivirus .

It is said to be different from the previous anti-virus software model , The traditional mode is the comparison of virus library ( Of course, little red umbrella also has it ), In addition to using this technology, xiaohongsan also has this kind of heuristic anti-virus . For a long time , What is heuristic antivirus ?

This technology mainly takes advantage of the difference between normal application program and virus program at startup . for instance : A normal application in the initial instruction , Yes, check the command line input for parameter entries , Clear the screen and save the original screen display , And the initial instruction of virus program is usually direct write disk operation , Decoding instruction , Or search the executable program and other related operation instruction sequence under a certain path . Heuristic code scanning technology is actually the application of this experience and knowledge to a specific program of virus killing software .

Some people say that this technology represents the inevitable trend of anti-virus development in the future , Virus update speed makes antivirus software in a very passive place . Traditional anti-virus mode , Only passively wait for the virus to come out , After a series of damage , To make up for the lost sheep .

The emergence of this mode makes antivirus software have certain judgment ability , Today I saw what fuzzy technology is used in artificial intelligence . Is this artificial intelligence ? however , The biggest drawback of this mode is that there will be miscalculation . In fact, I think it's not bad , Artificial intelligence , People fail …… ha-ha . ha-ha , I want to analyze the characteristics of the virus, should be able to summarize a set of virus in the cradle program .

What are the characteristics of the virus ? expect ing

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