7 month 27 Daily News , According to foreign media reports , Space Exploration Technologies Inc SpaceX
Starship factory in Texas , And the prototype of the latest full-scale spacecraft built there successfully withstood the first hurricanes and tropical storms .

   US local time 7 month 25 day , hurricane “ Hannah ” stay SpaceX It landed only a few dozen kilometers north of the facility , The wind speed is up to an hour 145 kilometre . But it's comforting ,SpaceX
Neither the factory nor the Starship prototype has been greatly affected , Eight hours after landing, the hurricane rapidly evolved into a less threatening tropical storm .

chart :SpaceX Spaceship factory and prototype in Texas, USA SN5 Successfully withstood the test of hurricane

   For all that , These facilities are still facing heavy rain , gust , Low visibility and the threat of another hurricane .SpaceX The original plan is 7 month 25 Starship prototypes held on May SN5
First wet dress rehearsal (WDR) And Raptor engine static ignition tests have been delayed , The company had already delayed its original test plan for two weeks .

   In the weather , rocket , The launching pad and other conditions permit ,SpaceX Maybe we'll finally have a chance SN5 The Raptor SN27
The engine is tested for static ignition , The engine was installed more than three weeks ago . up to now , Tropical storm continued to weaken in Mexico and southern Texas .

   about SpaceX
Come on , Testing starships in extreme weather conditions can actually be significant , Because the company may eventually need to increase the launch frequency of overweight rockets and starships , This requires that they have the capability of all-weather launch .

   however , For the image SN5 For such early prototypes , Testing during a big storm can do more harm than good , This can confuse key data and observations for future testing and improvement of new prototypes . Now? ,SpaceX
Planned for local time in the United States 7 month 27 Japan vs SN5 conduct WDR And static ignition test , Although the day may still be accompanied by rain , But the hurricane threat will be eliminated .

   In view of recent changes in plans , Starship SN5 And it's becoming unpredictable , But if the static ignition test of the rocket is successful , And the weather is good ,SpaceX It may be tried in a few days
SN5 First airborne flight test . Before the hurricane hit ,SpaceX I'm getting ready for that SN5 Fast static ignition test and 150 Meter altitude flight test .

   meanwhile ,SpaceX And its contractors are building huge new assembly buildings (VAB, Also known as the high cabin ), It is used to assemble the super heavy rocket booster prototype to be built soon . Starship SN8
The assembly work is also going on smoothly , This is an upgraded prototype , It could be the first integrated fairing , Aerodynamic control surface , Full function header tank
( Internal container for landing propellant ) And three prototypes of Raptor engines . These facilities and hardware also survived the hurricane .

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