Influenced by chaos University and Li Shanyou , Start learning important theories of important subjects , For example, mechanical theory , natural selection , Atomism , Uncertainty , Discontinuity , Law of entropy increase , wait .


Recently, I learned the law of entropy increase , The second law of thermodynamics ( physics ), Suddenly I realized a very important truth , Influence people's attitude towards life , It also affects people's self-cultivation : Human body is substance in essence , So some laws of man and society follow these laws of physics .


What is the law of entropy increase

Also called the second law of thermodynamics : The entropy of an isolated system always increases , And connecting the two systems together , The entropy of the combined system is greater than the sum of the entropy of all the individual systems . Entropy is the disorder degree of a system .



As early as 1947 Year Xue dinge ( you 're right , It's the cat maniac ) He pointed out that the process of entropy increase must be reflected in the life system . The human body is a huge reservoir of chemical reactions , The metabolic process of life is based on biochemical reactions . In a way , The significance of life lies in the ability to resist its own entropy increase , That is, it has the ability of entropy reduction . In the biochemical activities of human body , Spontaneous and non spontaneous processes exist simultaneously , Interdependence , Because of the inevitability of entropy increase , Life goes from order to disorder , Finally, it will die of aging irreversibly .( I have to admire the great Schrodinger )



In a way , Life is extracted from the environment “ Order ” To maintain their own “ Order ”: Eating and drinking is one of them “ Order ” The process of , The order of food is reduced by digestion , In the end, in Lazar's way “ disorder ” Discharge back to the environment . in addition , Organisms emit the residual entropy produced in physiological process into the environment by releasing heat ( The higher body temperature of warm blooded animals helps to eliminate entropy more efficiently , So it can produce more intense life processes ). On the whole , The entropy of emission is greater than the negative entropy of uptake , So the entropy increase principle is satisfied .


however , Various desires of individuals are the tendency of natural development ( The process of increasing entropy ), If not managed , control ( The process of entropy reduction ), Will make the human body to chaos , Death in the end , So we should cultivate ourselves , By self entropy reduction , Against the inevitable increase in entropy .



So is society , It is actually a huge system composed of various relationships between people , If you don't manage the individual , control , This system is bound to be chaotic . Because human nature tends to act in his own favor , If you don't use reason , Standardized management , The relationship between people is bound to deteriorate .


In fact, each of us is doing things that make disorder orderly every day , It's just that everyone is unconscious , If you make this behavior conscious , That would be very helpful for us to understand something , Our attitudes and beliefs will be different .


Happy families are similar , And every unhappy family has its own misfortune , This is order and disorder . The intimacy between good friends is similar , There are various reasons for friends to break up , It's also order and disorder . The indicators of a healthy body are similar , The causes of death are various , It's also order and disorder . The road to success in life is similar , The reasons for failure are various , It's also order and disorder .




share 《 Vajra Sutra 》 A part of it : Therefore, Bodhi is needed ! All Bodhisattvas should be so pure and pure in mind , We should not live in lust and give birth to heart , Don't stop your voice, smell and touch the Dharma , You should have no place to live in .


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