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We know , At present, the database products of most users in China are monopolized by foreign brands , However, the right to choose and to bargain is limited , And the high maintenance cost is a headache for domestic users for a long time .

meanwhile , With the rise of comprehensive cloud , The database industry can't “ pay attention to one 's own moral uplift without thought of others ”, However, it is limited by the architecture characteristics of traditional database products , It's not enough for today “ Born in the cloud , Grow in the clouds ” The needs of new ventures . therefore , Undoubtedly, the database market also calls for more reform and innovation .

In this context , First in Asia , The third cloud computing service platform in the world , New generation cloud database developed by Alibaba cloud POLARDB“ Break through the cocoon ”, It not only integrates commercial database, but also is stable and reliable , High performance , Scalable features , It also has a simple open source database , Advantages of openness , More importantly, its cost is only commercial database 1/10.

therefore , Since last year 9 Monthly public release , And this year 4 Since it was officially put into commercial use in January , Alicloud POLARDB Not only completed a new round of iteration and upgrade again , More accumulated a number of benchmark users from all walks of life support , The momentum can be used “ Riding the wind and breaking the waves , It's time to set sail ” To describe it .

Just like Cao Wei, general manager of Alibaba cloud database ( Singing song ) What you said :“ Alibaba cloud hopes to release the technology dividend , So that more Chinese users can also use a better database , This is our market opportunity , It is our vision and mission .”

definition “ Cloud origin ” database

POLARDB Once last year “ Run points ” activity , The field test results show that :POLARDB The read performance of the single instance is achieved 100 ten thousand QPS; Write performance has reached 13 ten thousand QPS, Higher than AWS
Aurora Double . In the past, we needed to 70 Hours 10TB Create a read-only copy of the business data for , stay POLARDB You just need to 2 Minutes and more .

Cao Wei, general manager of alicloud database ( Singing song )

this “ Run points ” Activity on the spot “ Amazing four ”, But in Cao Wei's opinion , The field tests at that time were just POLARDB Of “ Small trial ox knife ”, After a year of iteration and evolution ,POLARDB The strength in four aspects has been greatly enhanced once again , say concretely :

everything , In terms of overall performance , last year “ Run points ” The write performance of 13 ten thousand TPS, This year it has reached 25 ten thousand TPS, meanwhile POLARDB It also supports up to 16 Nodes , Its aggregate reading performance exceeds 1000 ten thousand QPS.

Second, it is , In the separation of reading and writing ,POLARDB It provides read-write separation support for session consistency . It should be said , Read write separation is common , However, there is usually a certain degree of delay in reading nodes , to this end POLARDB New intelligent gateway technology , Users can write on the master node , Then read from the sub node , It meets the user's requirement of read-write consistency .

Third, it is , In terms of query speed ,POLARDB Added query acceleration MPP technology , With the user's data capacity from 3TB increase to 100TB, This process database SQL Execution time will also slow down , Speed up through queries MPP function ,POLARDB Improve query performance again 8-20 times .

Fourth, it is , In terms of storage media ,POLARDB Is currently the only one in the world in the production of large-scale use Optane( Proud )SSD Cloud service provider of Technology , Despite the use of Optane Will bring a certain increase in the cost of the database , But for users to have a better product experience ,POLARDB The whole line “ Standard configuration Optane”.

Look back ,POLARDB The reason why we can achieve such a big performance improvement in a year , The key to the core is POLARDB originate from “ Cloud origin ” Architecture design of .

In this regard , Cao Wei said ,“ Cloud origin ” Benefits of databases “ It goes without saying ”, Including the service capability and elastic architecture of cloud computing , Simple and easy to use and open ecology of open source database , And traditional database SQL Management and processing performance advantages , Through integration innovation, better database services can be provided for users in cloud environment .

for example ,POLARDB Flexibility provided , Let the user no longer use the specified specification in the storage capacity today , By pay as you go , The flexibility of users has been greatly improved ; Again ,POLARDB hold SQL Capabilities and cloud capabilities are integrated and innovated , It's true “SQL
in Cloud”; in addition ,POLARDB Using the self-developed shared storage database technology , Let more than ten database nodes share one storage capacity , Thus, the cost is greatly reduced .

Cao Wei said :“ Cloud native database is born to better serve the application in cloud environment , But in essence, it is the release of dividends brought about by technological progress , There are many cloud native databases that have not been discovered today , Areas to be explored , However, Alibaba cloud is the first to define cloud native database standards in China , And realized commercial use , In the future, we will also adhere to independent research and development in this field , Constantly evolving .”

The value of technology dividend release

Such is the case ,POLARDB Technology dividends released , Let more and more users enjoy the value of cloud native database .

FA da da da , Is an electronic contract online signing and hosting services SaaS service company , The number of signed contracts per day is about 270 ten thousand -300 10000 copies , Such a large amount of data also brings many challenges .

Vice president and CTO Chen Liqing said :“ The company's first use of MySQL, But with the development of the business , We're approaching the capacity of our new structured data each month 1TB, Need a large database system to support ; in addition , At present, there are three data centers in Fada , There are also a series of problems in remote query , In addition, the amount of data is growing , Performance has become a new bottleneck .”

to this end , France greatly hopes to have a new database platform for database storage , Query capability has been enhanced , Its main appeal points include three levels : Database system must be compatible MySQL; The storage capacity of the database should be large enough , To support the law greatly exceeds 100TB The amount of data ; Read write performance , Query statistics and other capabilities to be fast enough .

Through the cooperation with Alibaba cloud , The bottleneck problem in Fada database has been solved step by step . Chen Liqing said , In the process , Whether it is the early stage demonstration or the later stage migration ,POLARDB The technical team gave them a lot of support , It ensures the smooth operation of Fada's business .

Xuebao Online , It is the leading education and training in China SaaS Overall service provider solutions , To provide one-stop school information management solutions . According to Xiaobao Online CTO Introduction to Hu Miao , The company's business is also growing rapidly , At present, there is also a single table of 100 million data , Single service library appears hundreds G Storage capacity , But it is limited to the support ability of traditional database in the past , This has led to a variety of problems , End user's “ perception “ Especially bad .

Based on this , Xuebao online decided to try it out POLARDB, At the same time POLARDB The technical team participated in the database upgrade scheme of Xuebao online , Finally, the upgrade was completed smoothly . Hu Miao's evaluation of this is :“ Without a significant increase in costs , Sensory use POLARDB And original use MySQL, Almost doubled performance .”

So is Zhao Yanan, co-founder and vice president of research and development of kernel software “ feel indebted as if it were received in person ”, The company has developed a restaurant called tadpole cloud SaaS Food and beverage system , The problem they're facing is , Business peak period of catering industry , The concurrency ability of database is very high , Tens of thousands of catering users are estimated to have tens of thousands of orders per day , There are a lot of queries about the data , Statistics and other requirements , At the same time, a large amount of data storage needs will be generated every day .

therefore , The company hopes to find a solution to incremental storage , Reduce the number of developers constantly sub table the database , Sub database work , At the same time, the performance remains stable , And through the use of POLARDB, Kernel software in the database “ Pain point ” Basically solved .

Zhao Yanan said :“POLARDB In terms of compatibility 100% compatible ; The performance of complex query is also improved significantly , The most important thing is that the cost is lower 20% above .”

It is reported that , since POLARDB Since the official commercialization , It has already served more than 1000 More than home users , Harvest from new retail , finance , Online education and other industries benchmarking customer support .

In this regard , Cao Wei also further stressed that :“POLARDB The goal of , Is to hope that the price is equal to open source software , Provide performance and characteristics of commercial database software for more Chinese users .”

Leading database cloud transformation

in my opinion , Whether it is short-term solution industry user database “ Pain point ”; The necessity of independent research and development of domestic basic software ; And the long term “ Digital China ” The background of the rising market , We need more Chinese technology companies to take responsibility , and POLARDB The emergence of , And adhere to independent research and development in the field of database , In fact, it has brought important value and significance to the whole industry .

first , From the perspective of business support , Today's users pay more attention to the actual needs of the business design cloud platform , Expectation in Agile Development , quick response , New technology support and other details can form their own differences or competitiveness , Especially, it can support the development of native application quickly , But in the past, it was restricted by the characteristics of database products , Supporting things like the Internet of things , New finance , New retail , The rapid development of high throughput scenarios such as new manufacturing is not easy to implement .

however , Testing or upgrading of customer database products in the past , Time spent is often measured in years , In the process , Still need to rely on DBA And so on , It's complex and time-consuming , It is now approved POLARDB Provides smooth migration and strong performance support , No doubt, it will greatly strengthen the confidence of customers to transform to the cloud .

secondly , From the use cost , The traditional commercial database deployment cost is high , Operating costs are also high , It has caused great cost to many enterprises “ burden ”. But now , adopt POLARDB They no longer need to manage internal databases , There is also no need to purchase and maintain the hardware required for on-site databases , This has resulted in a significant reduction in costs , It not only increases competitiveness , It makes it possible for users to focus on the development of the business itself .

Cao Wei said :“POLARDB Investment in R & D , After sales service , Especially on the speed and strength of response to customers , They are far more than foreign manufacturers . so to speak , We are more determined to empower Chinese users than our competitors .”

last , From the perspective of ecological support ,POLARDB Today, no doubt, it also undertakes the important task of self-developed database in China , Therefore, in the training and support of developers , It also took more effort .

for example ,POLARDB Database performance competition jointly held by Intel , It not only provides developers with up to 50 Ten thousand yuan bonus , It also further promoted the exchange of database research and development personnel in China , We hope that this platform will create a spark of innovation , Contribute to the cause of cloud database .

in general , In the era of comprehensive cloud , Ideally, all resources are allocated on demand according to the business needs of users , Server resources , Application container resources , Of course, it also includes database resources , Add or reduce new database resources , It's just like eating everyday , Even users can not use it “ perception ”, This is today's new requirements for database products .

In the process ,POLARDB Always take customer demand as our responsibility , Through independent R & D and innovation , Constantly solve various problems in the process of database cloud . This will undoubtedly lay a more solid foundation for Chinese users to realize comprehensive cloud transformation and complete digital transformation .

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