<>docker Some concepts of

1.image: In translation, it means mirror image , It's similar to our outfit windows Of iso image .
2.container: be based on image Generated container , One image Can be generated n Containers .

<> express setup redis

1. Install it first docker
2.docker pull redis:latest // Get the latest redis image
3.docker run -itd --name redis-container -p 6379:6379 redis
// Based on the image Create a container Named redis-container,-p Specify port local 6379 Map to docker Medium 6379
4.docker start redis-container // take redis-container This container works
5.docker exec -it redis-container redis-cli
// use redis-cli To visit docker In container redis client . use exit Exit access redis, here redis Still running on docker in .
6. connect redis Server ?

<> Basic command

1.dokcer images // list docker Images installed in
2.docker ps (-a) // list docker Running in container( Yes -a It's just listing everything )
3.docker container ls

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