5g Basic knowledge of , Development and current situation


according to report:The 5th generation of mobile networks and wireless systems
  We can get 5g Overall framework of transmission  
5g The basic characteristics of : Increased coverage , Transmission rate increase , Delay reduction , Increase of transmission bandwidth ,M2M Of cost reduce

4g and 5g The basic difference is speed ,5g The transmission mode is no longer dependent on time division and frequency division ,5g use BDMA(Beam Division Multiple Access-5G
) As a network interface , In order to improve the network transmission speed and bandwidth .

BDMA:When a base station communicates with mobile stations, an 
orthogonal beam is allocated to each mobile station. The BDMA 
technique of the present invention divides an antenna beam according 
to locations of the mobile stations to allow the mobile stations to 
give multiple accesses, thereby significantly increasing the capacity 
of the system.

In terms of bandwidth , Its bandwidth will also be increased to 4g Of 100 About times , In fact, the main way to improve the bandwidth lies in dense networking : 5g The network will further miniaturize the existing cell structure , Distribution ,
And through the mutual cooperation between the cells , Turn jamming signal into useful signal , So as to solve the interference problem caused by the miniaturization and distribution of the cell , And the system capacity of the whole network is improved to the greatest extent . 

5g The main problem lies in the energy consumption of the base station , High density deployment will increase energy consumption , In addition, the deployment of multiple antennas will also increase the interference between antennas . At present, there are two main network deployment modes : 
HetNet and C-RAN,Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) Deployment and Cloud Radio
Access Network (C-RAN) architecture, Basic image entry : 

5g Key technologies in network : Cognitive radio +FLAT IP 
FLAT IP: Users can query by name instead of by name IP address , In addition, it also reduces the number of nodes in the network , Reduce the cost of network transmission , Reduce delay , Improve network flexibility . 
Cognitive radio : Cognitive radio is an intelligent communication system , It can make the mobile terminal feel the external environment intelligently , To connect networks . 
(5G Key Technologies: Identifying Innovation Opportunity)

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