<> The magic start of the year

Today is 2020 year 5 month 4 day , Magic
Youth day of the year , Let's look back in a few decades , We 90 Later is also a witness of this history . How magical is it , It is estimated that those who read the news and consult from time to time should know the following events :

* Fire in Australia
* Locust plague in Africa
* Epidemic situation of Xinguan in Wuhan, China
* Global outbreak of new coronavirus
* NBA Basketball superstar Kobe crashes
* In the history of American stock market 6 Secondary fusing
* Oil price fell to negative value for the first time
* Who to learn from , Ruixing , Tal financial fraud
* Tesla China mass production stirs up domestic electric vehicle market
* …
I'll just sort it out. So many big events have happened before the end of the first half of the year , For many people, a lot of this year's events are black swans , To be honest, I won't be surprised what happens in the next few days .

Back to the point , This year is magic , But a lot of things can't be controlled by ordinary people , The power of the individual is negligible in the world as a whole , What we can choose is to improve our anti vulnerability ability , In the face of these random events , No more linear thinking .

<> Don't let your efforts go to waste

This time because of the epidemic , My current business expansion , The demand is also very urgent , Basically, I've been working overtime these months , I've seen the wee hours 4 Point of the sun , It can be said that it is the most difficult days in these years .

But also because of the demand , It also causes some online problems , It didn't seem like a big problem , But for large products , It will be magnified many times . So it's a bit of a setback for me , In view of the recent problems, I will discuss them with my colleagues at the weekly meeting , among leader Some of the points I said at the meeting did remind me , That's what I've been ignoring .

Boss, I guess it means :

* Although you are very hard , But in the end, hard work is for good results
* Don't do things with low cost performance , Learn to measure
* Don't make low-level mistakes , Affect yourself 80 The effort of sharing

I don't know if anyone else is listening , I think about it carefully , Years in the business , No one is more stupid than others , It's all about ability , But why do some people grow up fast , Get a promotion and a raise , And you always stay where you are . Many people are diligent , But this is not the decisive factor , In the end, it depends on the output . A lot of people are like the workplace , Although it seems very busy to work overtime every day , But actually it is
Work without work , Work hard to meet the needs , Finally, there was a mistake , Think from the top , It just feels like you're busy , There is no real value , On the contrary, I don't think you are reliable .

In fact, there is no need to move yourself in the workplace , It's hard to work overtime , But why didn't you get a good result in the end , I can't grow up . There are many factors in this , But the main factor is still in itself , Young, we have a lot of choices , Choose a good growth environment , A good project is much more effective than a blind effort .

I posted a book I had read in my circle of friends ——《 Heterogeneous 》, Why can some people become outstanding people , The core idea is :

Heterogeneous = Accumulation of advantages + Cultural heritage + Personal effort

I think personal effort is also very important , But it's not the decisive factor , The accumulation of advantages can not be achieved by anyone . For example, background , institutions of higher education , education , Excellent tutor , Career guides and so on , And more importantly
Opportunity of the times .

What's the use of all this, you might say ? Most of us are ordinary people , There is no need to look at distant targets , We can only rely on personal efforts , Then let yourself accumulate advantages , And then to be what you want to be .

<> last

I was thinking when I was writing this article , Choice is more than effort
This is not just a talk , Some decisions this year were made because I saw things clearly , Don't let your efforts go to waste , Be the master of your life , Don't just work machines . You know us 90 Sooner or later, the latter generation will become the mainstay of this society , To me , Don't worry about the future , In the impetuous society, calm down to precipitate , reflection , The future is inevitable .

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