7 month 9 day ,2020 Cloud summit of world artificial intelligence conference officially held in Shanghai . The Congress adopted “ Zhilian world
Common home ” For the theme , with “ High end , internationalization , specialized , Marketization , Intellectualization ” Feature , Technology frontier around intelligent field , Speech and high-end dialogue on industry trends and hot issues .

At this conference , Ma Yun, CO chairman of the UN High Level Panel on digital cooperation, delivered a keynote speech .

<> The following is the full text of the speech :

I remember some of us were worried last year , There are also arguments , Will machines replace people ? How to get employed ? Now what we are most anxious about is how to make the machine replace a lot of human work as soon as possible . For example, in the field of virus transmission , We will do everything possible to let the machine solve the problem , It's not going to be the front line , So the world is really like this , None of our worries happened , But what we didn't worry about happened one after another .

Today's problem is the result of the decision we made yesterday , But it's hard for us to change yesterday , Even today, it is often powerless , What should be the future , It's something we can decide today .

The impact of the epidemic on the world , I think we might as well take it as a form of nature , Signals from the future , I want to share it with you , My three thoughts these days .

first , Human beings cannot live without the earth , But the earth can leave humanity .
After the industrial revolution , Humans have the ability to look out , On the moon , The space station was built , Try to survive in space , Many outstanding people began to explore the world beyond the earth . And then because of the digital revolution , Humans have the ability to explore inward , Really know yourself , And really understand the earth . by comparison , It is more difficult for human beings to explore themselves , And more important . today , Human beings know very little about themselves , The best brain scientists know nothing about the human brain 10%, This epidemic let us see the strange of human beings to themselves , Strange to the earth . Because we don't know ourselves , I don't know the world I live in , Don't understand the earth , Do not cherish and protect the earth , So it created a lot of trouble and disaster . I think , The most important thing for human beings is to solve their own problems first , Solve the problem of the earth , Otherwise , No matter where we move , No matter which planet we go to , The city will still face such troubles and disasters .

In fact, we are still inseparable from the earth , But it might be better for the earth to leave us , I've seen some news recently , Due to the decrease in the number of tourists, Nara Deer in Japan eat a lot of snacks , The intestines and stomach are back to health . If Earth is a company , Nature is the boss , Human beings are just managers , Human rights are great , But nature can lay us off at any time .

Many things are right for people , But it's a big mistake for nature , If man has been bringing disaster to nature , Nature will surely repay human disaster . We humans must learn to coexist with nature , Man has to conform to nature , Only by respecting nature can we survive on the earth .

second , Economic growth can slow down , But humans have to grow .
Epidemics have taught us that the world's ecosystems are determined by microbes , It's not determined by the highest level animals . It's like the microbes that determine the Savannah , Not the lion . We human beings must not take ourselves too high . in my submission AI It should be translated into machine intelligence , Translated into artificial intelligence , It's humans who think too much of themselves , A lot of things are hard for humans , It's very easy for machines . Animals have instincts , Machines are full of intelligence , And what we humans should have is wisdom .

For thousands of years, human knowledge has been growing rapidly , Technology is developing , But human intelligence has not grown , Today we have unprecedented resources and wealth , Our knowledge and technical capabilities are unprecedented , Of course, we are facing unprecedented problems . The accumulation of human knowledge today , Information processing capability , Anti risk capability , It's the most powerful ever , But it's a pity that we lack wisdom , Sometimes we don't put these resources into practice , ability , Knowledge is used to strengthen communication and cooperation . Sometimes it creates a lot of barriers , Even widen the differences , Human beings are never short of disasters , But we must grow up after the disaster , Otherwise, I believe that it is not the virus that will destroy human civilization in the future, but mankind itself .

People and people , No country is the same as a country , It must be different , And it's going to be different forever , It's also because of our different worlds that are rich and colorful . Many problems in the world today are due to disrespect , Too many differences and differences between each other , See the difference and still be able to let go of differences , Learn to respect and appreciate their differences , This is the sign of the progress of human civilization .

third , If digital technology used to make life better , In the future, digital technology will enable human beings to survive better .
The epidemic did not change the trend of technological change , But the epidemic has accelerated the transformation of digital technology . Because disasters are forcing us to innovate , An expert of novel coronavirus pneumonia needs to see the new crown pneumonia tablets. 10-20 minute , Later, technicians developed a new crown CT Invisible intelligent algorithm , The machine only needs to look at the case film 20 second , Farmers use satellite remote sensing during the epidemic period , Satellite recognition by rocker image , Crop growth in paddy field , Combined with the climate industry, etc , Estimated production value , And then decide how much to loan to the farmers , Use Internet technology to keep yourself alive during the epidemic , Innovation that keeps others alive is everywhere . We go to school , attend a meeting , shopping , See the doctor , We must rely on digital technology to maintain life and operation , Innovation to survive is the most powerful and unstoppable driving force . The general trend of digital technology has not changed , But it would have taken 30 or 50 years to complete digitization in the future , It's likely to speed up to 10 years , In 20 years , This is a dramatic change after the upheaval , This is what we need to be prepared for , It is also a completely different situation for today's AI conference and last year's AI conference .

A year later, the world has changed dramatically , Today we have no time to worry , It's better to take responsibility than to worry , Because viruses don't divide countries , Technology should not have boundaries , I don't care about you or me , Today's disaster is enormous , Today's disaster may have just begun , We have no other choice . So we started working together earlier , unite , Huddle together , We will win the day before , Thank you very much .

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