preface : The inevitable decline of mankind

Entropy increase and human destiny

In a closed system , Entropy increase is irreversible . Suppose the earth is a closed system , With the continuous consumption of resources in the system , Although the total energy is conserved , But there are fewer and fewer resources available for efficient production , Entropy increases rapidly , The original system is difficult to maintain . And human as the earth's resources “ Big consumer ”, Naturally, it's hard to continue . If you want to change that trend , Keep the entropy of the system unchanged or even reduced , The only way is to introduce external energy into the closed system .

Judging from the current observation , The sun is the main source of energy input to the earth , And the input energy goes through a variety of ways , Solidified on earth , The energy dissipated by the earth itself to the outside is far less than that absorbed from the outside , So on the whole , Energy is positive growth . Another key factor is that , Because of the existence of the earth's vegetation , A lot of energy is organized in an orderly way , Make the entropy decrease .

But with the increasing human activities , The decrease of the earth's vegetation ,“ Entropy increase ” It's far beyond that “ entropy reduction ”, The order of human society is threatened . Judging from this trend , The order of human society is bound to collapse .

Technology is bound to slow down “ Entropy increase ” Direction of development

From the microscopic point of view , The development of science and technology has its own reasons . Business pursues profit , scientific research , By chance , There seems to be no clear direction . But with the rapid development of science and technology , It's becoming more and more obvious , High efficiency and energy saving
It has become a key word in the development of science and technology . Its essence lies in , By improving energy efficiency , Reduce the rate of energy loss , To slow down “ Entropy increase ”.

slow down “ Entropy increase ” There are two main methods . One is to improve the utilization efficiency of the original energy , For example, we used to light a room with an incandescent lamp , Now only one LED The lamp can achieve the same purpose , This reduces electricity consumption , In some countries , That's less coal and oil , Keep coal and oil in order , Instead of becoming disordered molecules . The other is to use more disordered energy , Like wind and water , In the past, these two kinds of energy have been in disorder and not used , It's all wasted . But now , With the development of wind power technology and hydropower technology , These two kinds of disordered energy are gradually solidified into ordered energy , And the utilization ratio is still increasing , It also slows down the earth's “ Entropy increase ”.

The reason for slowing down “ Entropy increase ” It's the direction of science and technology development , Because unless humans have found a lot “ Spare earth ”, Otherwise, once the earth falls into “ Disorder state ”, The end of human society . And that's what humans have to do , It's not about money , It has nothing to do with fame and wealth , Because these are just terms created by human society , but “ Entropy increase ” It is an objective phenomenon existing in nature and even in the universe .

It's not just technology

In fact, in order to slow down the entropy increase , It's not just technology that's moving in this direction , All activities in society are developing in this direction . Communication efficiency , Cooperation efficiency , Transaction efficiency , Anything that wastes resources , Will be optimized . Even if it wasn't about slowing down entropy , But from a macro point of view , It's all about slowing down entropy , Because of this factor , It has already covered the whole human race , It's not known .

Please understand that the above views are not rigorous !

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