Give the point of view directly .

The answer is : not necessarily .

Industries with low professionalism can naturally .

Highly specialized industries , It's very difficult .

lately , Market boom , It is estimated that many programmers can't stand it , It's even coming in fast .

I can only say : Be careful .

Most of the world is not what we think .

* The programmers are excellent , It's very logical . But that's in the computer world , Run in a defined environment , Execute the determined logic . The real world can be chaotic . It's like Newton can't explain the quantum world .
Every line is like a mountain , This is true today . We should be alert to our own subjective wishes , Overestimate the gold content of one's own industry , Underestimate the professionalism of other industries . Any mature industry , A set of technical system of division of labor . At this stage , Most programmers don't have the intelligence to crush other industries .
It's easy to get started , It is difficult to master . A hacker can realize a self driving car in a week. , That doesn't mean that the technology giants who have been developing for ten years are doing their homework , Less heroism , New entrants don't want to be old fantasies. They can easily beat the pioneers .
* We should have our own thinking logic at the bottom of things , The premise of not being deceived is to have its own value judgment , The process of constructing thinking logic needs continuous practice , It's also time , But it's fast and slow .
* Guard against information cocoon room , There is nothing wrong with the martial arts skills you can learn , But if you're on the wrong set , It turns out to be ironic . Specific points ,AI
It is to solve algorithm or model fitting in massive data , But if the data is mostly virtual , Fake , Algorithm again , The results are unreliable . Interested students can have a look 《 Truman's world 》 This movie .
* If you're in traditional martial arts , It is also not easy to compete with people in other fields , Combination of dynamic and static , There are also limitations to the philosophy of "four or two strokes" , Or I'll be beaten black and blue , I'll fight back .
last , It must be your major to make you eat delicious , Swing a hammer , Hammer it into a steel bowl , be secure against assault .

Keep independent thinking for a long time , Don't panic , Don't get excited , Don't be fooled , Don't be moved by yourself .

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