Previous projects have been used Dubbo, lately SpringCloud More fire , It happens that this period is quite special , I studied it at home SpringCloud, But in the process of learning, we found that SpringCloud It's not necessarily for everyone : It's mainly about communication protocols ,Springcloud use HTTP Of REST agreement ,Dubbo use RPC call .

1, It is not recommended for projects with high performance requirements SpringCloud【 and Dubbo In comparison with , Performance difference at least twice 】

2, The project was completed by Java Project composition is not recommended SpringCloud【 If it's Cross lingual , use Springcloud Better , after all REST agreement 】

3, The project requires fast development progress 【Dubbo Just define an interface , however SpringCloud Of REST The convenience of agreement is also a double-edged sword , Interface consistency is difficult to control 】

Make one Jmeter Let's have a performance test . The test is simple , namely dubbo Make one (provider,consumer One for each ),springcloud Make the simplest demo(consumer One ;provider Fang I started two , Otherwise, the concurrent number of pressure test will die soon , The parameters are simply optimized ), Then use the Jmeter Carry out pressure test , You're interested in doing it yourself . Here is a snapshot of the results to share .

Jmeter The number of threads for is set to 1000, loop 100 second .

One ,Dubbo pattern 17 Run in seconds 10w Requests .

Two ,SpringCloud pattern 51 Run in seconds 10w Requests .


The boss must like it SpringCloud You can use it .

Of course, different people have different opinions , You can use whatever you like . After all, a black cat and a white cat are good cats when they catch mice .



Let's follow up with some technical dry goods , Study hard by yourself .

SpringCloud Component architecture for

Dubbo The framework of


Dubbo and SpringCloud Performance comparison of


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