Good news from BYD's new flagship sedan runner , today , BYD A Stocks rose sharply at the opening , As of the close of the day , Up to 10%, Report 97.9 element / thigh , market value 2670.85 Billion , Set a record high .

  7 month 12 Day and night , Byd-han officially listed . There are three types of Chinese cars on the market EV And a Chinese character DM. After national comprehensive subsidy , Chinese EV Price of super long endurance luxury model 22.98 Ten thousand yuan , Chinese
EV Price of super long endurance premium 25.58 Ten thousand yuan , Chinese EV Four wheel drive high performance flagship price 27.95 Ten thousand yuan ; Chinese DM Price of four-wheel drive performance luxury 21.98 Ten thousand yuan .

   it is reported , Byadhan has created 12 The highest in the world ,9 The best in China .

   Performance , As the world's first high performance and high integrated silicon carbide MOSFET Car with motor control module , Chinese EV Four wheel drive high-performance flagship 100 km acceleration only needs 3.9
second , It is the fastest mass production new energy car in China , At the same time, it has been realized 32.8 The shortest braking distance of 100 km for new energy cars of the same level in the world ,80 kilometre / The best performance of milu deer test in China . Chinese
EV Super long endurance version NEDC The driving range of pure electric vehicle can be reached under comprehensive working conditions 605 kilometre .

   Chinese DM The four-wheel drive performance luxury model only needs 100km acceleration 4.7 second , provide 81 Km NEDC Pure electric driving range and exceeding 800
Comprehensive driving range of KM , And provide pure electricity , parallel connection , series connection , high speed , Selection of five power modes for energy recovery .

   As the world's first car equipped with blade battery , Chinese EV The safety standard of new energy vehicles has been redefined . Chinese DM The power battery equipped with “ Seven dimensions and four layers ”
High temperature stability safety matrix , The safest battery protection system in the world . Han roof adopts advanced laser brazing technology , More Than This , Han 1500HS Hot forming steel consumption (100 kg . ), Set the top of mass production vehicles in China .

   in addition , The whole Han system is standard 11 Airbags and 6 Cameras , Super biochemical model of efficient purification of vehicle interior space ,“ Baby grade ” New cleaning process for painting .

   Han also launched mobile phone NFC Car key function , Whether the mobile phone has power or not , Have a net or not , Covering the whole scene of consumer cars , A touch , Easy to unlock , Realize intelligent entry and startup .

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