Do you have such a situation :

1, I was pushed by external forces all day long , There's always work to do , Forever “ fight a fire ”, But I can't say what I'm busy with , For what .

2, He is warm-hearted and kind , Don't know how to refuse others , All kinds of things are on their own head . It turned out to be very busy , I didn't do my job well , Blame by the boss . Other people's business is done carelessly , It's hard to please both sides .

3, You overestimate your ability , Always want to achieve the legend “ Multitasking ”, But the reality is that everything is in a mess , On the contrary, the efficiency is greatly reduced .

This is what happened , It's just that the typical time is not well managed , How to solve these problems , You can refer to the following two methods .

Four quadrants of time management

first quadrant : important + urgent

emergency ;

Urgent problems to be solved ;

Deadline work ;

You don't do things that no one else can do ;

Beta Quadrant : important + It's not urgent

Future planning ;

preventive measure ;

preparation ;

The establishment of interpersonal relationship ;

Real re creation ;

Improve one's ability ;

third quadrant : unimportance + urgent

An urgent matter ;

The deadline is approaching ;

Often interrupt the current rhythm of work ;

To finish on time will lead to more problems ;

Delta Quadrant : unimportance + It's not urgent

The work is replaceable ;

The work content is trivial ;

Dispensable matters ;

Time management

Research shows that , If people can balance all aspects of life , Will have more energy . For example, a good family relationship , good health , A man of cheerful spirit , They are more productive than people who are stuck at work all day .

The space in the middle can be one day , one month , a year , You can define it yourself .


What is the essence of time management ?

Is the essence of time management to clarify the sequence of emergency and important events ?

The essence of time management is to make plans every day , Is it strictly enforced ?

Personally, I don't think it's all right , Learning time management , It's more like developing a good habit , So before we decide to start learning time management , Be sure to ask yourself if you are ready to develop a good habit . The essence of time management is :
time management = The value of events x Efficiency of doing things , Find something of high value , And do it efficiently .

Mutual encouragement .

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